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Hydroxy Advanced Rapid Release New Formula

It works if YOU work…out   April 30, 2010, M. (NY USA):

I took hydroxy for months while working out rigorously and keeping a healthy diet and the results are always double or triple and they’re much faster. However, I do understand how some people say they are unable to sleep and this is simply because they’re taking the pills after 3 or 4 pm. If I did that I wouldn’t be able to sleep either.

I usually start by cutting the pill in half and having that single half-piece in the morning. After a week or so of having that amount and I feel I’ve adjusted to that amount of energy I take one whole pill in the morning. Then once I’ve grown accustomed to that I take two pills in the morning. I never exceeded 2 because I never felt the need for more as I am not overweight; I simply use it as a supplement to my workouts. If I did take more, however, I would follow the same pattern and then take 2 more before lunch. Like I said, still not exceeding the hours of 3 or 4pm or it may affect your sleep. Simply put, some people react differently to caffeine. I’ve heard of some people being able to have a cup of coffee before bed and feel unchanged. For most people that would mean staying awake for the rest of the night. In other words, ignore the directions for use (for most people, it’s too much), so take less but never more.

Think of hydroxy as a temporary but immediate solution to a weight problem. That being said, if you want to maintain a healthy weight – that rests solely on you. Keep up a healthy lifestyle nutritionally and sleep every night before the clock strikes midnight, the earlier the better. You’ll see fast results and feel great. Any drug should not be used for prolonged periods though. The real key is to teach yourself to eat well and maintain an active lifestyle and that will render more permanent results.

Amazing product!   May 3, 2010M. P. Fraleigh (NY, USA)

At first I was shaky on trying this as I don’t believe any of these actually work, but after reading a couple reviews I decided to give it a go! Now I’m someone who works out and has actually changed my entire eating routine, so I am seeing WAY bigger results than some people who have used this. I’ve cut out big portioned meals in all together; I try to work out at least every other day, even if just for 15 minutes. In the first 4 days when I cut down my food and started to ONLY drink water, I was able to knock off 8 pounds. I know it’s mostly water weight, but it felt great and was a great boost to keep my head in the right place for this! Now the 8 pounds are gone, I’m to a steady weight loss of .4 to 1 pound a day, so I can’t complain!

After the first two days, me being someone who has always had anxiety, this did double it, however now that it’s been about a week, it’s not as bad and the side effects are wearing off. I would definitely suggest this to anyone who has ever wanted to lose some weight and try to get in shape! It’s amazing! Unfortunately I am still having problems falling asleep at a reasonable time; however that effect is dwindling down as well! Hopefully a lot sooner though!

But overall, I give Hydroxycut a 5 star rating! For this price, you have nothing to lose if you try it!

Good product   June 4, 2010, B. Stoneking (Ohio, United States)

I took this product for a mouth. i saw good results in days.

The good:

  • It gives you a lot of energy.
  • You will see you are losing the pounds you want week by week.
  • Keeps you wake during the day.
  • You will eat less.
  • This product is way better then drinking them energy drinks

The bad:

  • Don’t take this after 5 hours before sleep time.
  • You will use the bathroom more throughout the day.
  • You must drink 8 glasses of water
  • You don’t use this product for a long period of time it will take effect over the body (pain in the lower and upper neck and back, arms, legs)
  • I never had issues but, I had some issues with sleeping 4-7 hours a day because of the pills

It WORKS! April 8, 2010, A. Piro (Fort Collins, CO USA)

This is a new formula.  I’ve been on a diet for a couple months and started to get stagnant and couldn’t get enough energy from coffee in the morning, so I picked this up to try it (at a local drugstore).  My weight loss has doubled, and my routine and calorie intake have not changed a bit.  When I take the pills routinely I can and do lose a pound a day.

I have yet to jump to the gym twice a day because my energy is already through the roof with one in the morning and one before lunch, and when I did try it once in the morning I couldn’t concentrate and get any work done. I found Lipozene to curb my appetite much better (it’s basically a fiber pill to expand in your tummy before a meal) but this is definitely giving me an extra boost and burning fat, and Lipozene wasn’t doing that for me at all.

I had side effects of difficulty concentrating, agitation, and a noticeable caffeine crash by 3p or so, but I find if I put something in my stomach and have something to drink I can cruise through that better in the afternoons.  I think it’s been about 3 weeks of on and off usage and the side effects are starting to be less noticeable to me.

If you are REALLY working on your body and calorie intake, do not hesitate to pick this up to boost your weight loss speed.  It’s working GREAT for me!

It works!  March 4, 2010 Eric P. Schanz

Hydroxycut Advanced really does work.  I started taking it when I was working out 5 days a week and eating relatively healthy, but the weight loss on the pills are far greater than the weight loss if not taking it. I haven’t had any health concerns or problems.  One thing I did realize was that it made me go to the bathroom more often, but I think you have to expect that when taking these types of products.

I’m not sure this product would work if you weren’t working out and eating horribly, but if you aren’t willing to put forth the effort to lose weight, you shouldn’t buy diet pills anyways.

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