How to Find the Right Hairstylist for your Hair

All of us dream of having a high fashion hair treatment at low prices. Sometimes this seems to be impossible. So, is it?

Hundreds of men and women get some kind of hair treatment every day. And some of them pay less than twenty dollars for having their hair cut while others pay hundreds and hundreds. Is there any difference between a cheap and a very expensive hair cut? Definitely, there is. It would have been silly to state the opposite. However, all of us can get a great hair treatment at our local salons at regular price.

No matter how talented a hair stylist is he or she has to start somewhere. At first all of them spend a year in cosmetology school and pass the licensing exam. Afterwards many of them work at local strip malls for quite a while.

To get a really wonderful hair cut you might want to follow some tips.

Go to your local strip mall during the busy hours. The best stylists always work the most active shifts. This is the way for them to make more money. You will have to wait, but it is a good thing for you. If you go there during slow hours, you will not have to wait in the line. But stylists working during these shifts will spend much more time doing your hair then a professional would. So you will spend the same amount of time anyway.

Do not get bored while sitting in the line. Observe what is going on around you. Look if there is someone in the chair with same hair type that you have. See how their treatment goes.  Observe other stylists. You could learn a lot about their technique and experience just by looking at their work.

It is important to pay attention to the beginning of a stylist’s communication with a new client. A stylist should ask about the client’s wishes and preferences. A good stylist also should offer sever alternatives. He or she should not just follow the customer’s first instructions.

Take a look at the work station of each stylist. It should be clean and may be show some personal traits. Are the tools organized or they just lay down the table in a random order? Proud of their skills hair dressers tend to keep their licenses in frames. And those who do not work with their hearts just stuck it under the mirror.

Talking to the receptionist could also be rewarding. She could tell you how long the exact stylist is working there. She might also know the name of the school he or she graduated from. And remember that brand schools usually attract the most enthusiastic students. The receptionist could also tell you which stylist works better with your hair type.

Looks really matter. That is why cute hairstyles can help a lot to “enhance” your image.

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