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Healthy Eating and Nutrition for Anti-Aging Health

Eating well balanced nutritious meals is one of the keys to maintaining a healthy body.  Good natural nutrition helps you to stay strong and to keep your immune system healthy which in turn, will help keep illnesses at bay.

As well as maintaining a regular exercise regime, you need to eat three main meals each day that is pack full of vitamins and minerals. Healthy small snacks in between meals are also advisable so that your body does not experience sugar spikes and sugar lows.

Healthy Metabolism

It is also vital in keeping your metabolism in check and to ensure you do not over eat at main meal times. The trick is to eat often but in small portions. Portion size is very important as we tend to eat what we have on a plate regardless of whether we are hungry or not, and that will pile on the weight easily and quickly, so keep the portions small (start by using smaller plates and bowls).

Avoid Fad Diets

Another thing to avoid is the fad diet. Promises to take weight off in days may be true to a certain extend (especially if you starve), but the damage it does to your metabolism and your body, as well as the chances of putting back all that weight and some more, is too high a risk to take.

Too often we hear of some fad diet that will take weight off quickly, what is not reported though is that once you start eating normally again, the weight comes back as your body has been starved of certain nutrients, or has been in starvation mode and it will horde any calories that comes it way to “stock up”. Thousands of years of evolution is hard to change and the caveman in you will just stock up on calories for the next ‘famine’.

Maintain Blood Sugar Level

Another advantage of eating smaller meals is that it can help keep your blood sugar level at an even keel. Foods that have excessive sugar, fats or additives should be avoided and instead slow acting carbohydrates, high protein foods and fresh preferably organic produce should be consumed.

Dr. Alain Delabos

An interesting finding by a French doctor Dr. Alain Delabos suggests our body reacts differently to different foods at certain times of the day (Unfortunately his books are in French and Spanish only). So eating fats such as butter and cheese in the mornings is the best time as your body is at its most ‘alert’ for these types of foods. In the evenings for example, will be a bad time to eat butter and cheese because your body has switched modes and is looking for different food groups to best feed it.

A good piece of cheese with some decent butter (not margarine) together with a quarter of a baguette in the morning for example, will keep your body full and satisfied.

For lunch, eat protein found in meats such as beef, pork, chicken and lamb with a small bowl of carbohydrates that could be beans and vegetables such as carrots.

As an afternoon snack, he suggests something sweet as our body’s insulin level tends to dip around 4:00pm. A piece of fruit, a yogurt, a few biscuits or some dark chocolate is ideal. If you are aiming to lose weight, the evening meal should be very small and contain proteins such as fish or very lean white meat. Fresh vegetables and or a salad could also be incorporated.

Fiber to Keep Regular

Fiber is important as it helps regulate your digestive system and a good elimination system will also allow you to adsorb nutrition more easily and readily. One of the reasons your body craves certain foods is that your body is not absorbing certain nutrients properly, and so you get the signal that more food is needed to replace that void.

No Binge Eating or Drinking

Binge eating or binge drinking are both habits to avoid entirely. Excessive modes of regular bingeing require medical attention and this should be sought as soon as possible. Messing up the digestive system could mean many health problems later on such as colon cancer, as toxins are not eliminated in an efficient manner and stays in your system putrefying.


Calcium is also an important mineral so make sure you have enough of. It could be found in foods such as cheeses, yogurts and milk. Bone density tends to lessen with age and not enough calcium could lead to osteoporosis or brittle bone.

Later posts will go more in depth about vitamins and minerals that are important for maintaining anti-aging health.

You Cannot Fight Time

Hard as it is to admit, everything slows down with age and that includes the functions of your body. But all is not lost and you can live healthily and happily if you take precautions to look after your body.

Get regular check-ups from your doctor, take regular exercise, get into healthy eating and nutrition and most important of all, take time to relax, laugh and enjoy yourselves!

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