Your Guide to a Good Blood Sugar Level

Individuals putting on the pounds mean internally their cells are becoming sluggish and soon build a resistance to the insulin which is normally producing in the pancreas. When this occurs, the insulin resistance becomes more pronounced. This breakdown in the internal sensitivity of insulin is the outward effect of type 2 diabetes. This is controllable by managing diabetes through diabetic recipes for a healthier diet. It is the blood glucose levels monitoring now and in the future to help the individual maintain an internal balance. The use of a glucose meter will come in very handy, as the glucose level monitoring is to perform a few times each day.

Controlling the blood sugar level is not as difficult as it once was. Today the glucose meter is nothing more than a finger prick and takes about a minute to perform. However, anytime the individual wishes to leave the house to go to work or be outdoors to take a walk it is a good idea to keep a small bag of fruit handy. There is diabetic medication that the family medical physician could prescribe, but with type 2 diabetes it is interesting how weight gain and weight loss plays a determining factor. The information on diabetes is everywhere today and is easily accessible to any individual or even family members who show an interest.

High blood sugar, low blood sugar, these are the main issues the individual is facing and must find a way to put this in perspective before the pre-diabetes escalates into type 1 diabetes. There are many diabetes articles the individual can research, but having a conversation with the family medical physician is the better place to begin. There really is no medication the medical physician can prescribe as this will require a change in the meal time habit and perhaps adding regularly scheduled exercise.

Removing all the candy, cookies, cakes, and ice cream and filling the refrigerator with wholesome foods like carrots, celery, tomatoes, eggs, broccoli, green beans, milk, turkey, chicken, and other meats is also a good idea. Adding a variety of fruits to the daily diet like pears, oranges, plums, apricots, bananas, are a good idea for easy snacking when the individual becomes hungry in between meals. This will only enhance the diabetes meal and make it more eye appealing and taste appealing for the individual.

Low blood sugar diabetes occurs when the glucose level falls below seventy milligrams which is hypoglycemia. This can be and in most cases is a very potentially dangerous situation if it is to remain at that state. Some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia are irritability, lethargic or lack of physical energy and the potential for the loss of consciousness. This in and of itself is a potentially dangerous situation and will require immediate medical attention. The absence of medical attention will result in a range of physical damages to the eyes, kidneys and the nerve cells throughout the body and especially within the brain. The potential for a mild to severe stroke is also possible depending on when medical assistance is forthcoming.

Glucose converts within your system through the carbohydrate intake which in a sense is the natural sugar. Similar to the natural sugar found in sweet fruits like apples, pears, and peaches. The diabetes blood sugar levels are of vital importance to maintain balance throughout the blood stream and as it passes through vital necessary organs. The insulin that the body craves to help maintain balance while producing through the pancreas, releases into the blood stream on demand when the body requests the release. The normal extended range is between seventy and one hundred fifty milligrams and the levels are generally lower while the individual is sleeping or at rest and higher when the individual is more active, such as during the daytime hours.

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