Gestational Diabetes: How to Manage the Condition

Diabetes often occurs during the child bearing years and since your mom already has experience with it is wise to alert your doctor who will monitor your blood glucose along the way. This is not only important for you but is important for you your baby as well. There is a chance that the baby may have some problems if the mother goes unmonitored during her pregnancy. The mother might have complications and the baby may be born with birth defects.

How do prevent problems during a diabetes pregnancy

First of all you will need to plan the pregnancy. Almost 70 percent of women with diabetes do not plan their pregnancies and then can have some dire consequences. What you need to do is make sure your body is ready, that means you must your gynecologist that you are planning to get pregnant and heed his/her instructions. You must follow the advice to the tee to make sure you and your baby remain in good health.

What the doctor will do

Your doctors will first check what affects the diabetes has had on your body now, before the pregnancy. His or her first concern will be to keep the diabetes under control if you already have it and he or she will monitor your blood and urine tests if you don’t. The doctor will perform a pre diabetic test. The doctor is also going to prescribe the same advice for any pregnant woman as well as special advice for you if you are a diabetic. You will take pre-natal vitamins with folic acid, and if you smoke you will have to stop, you will need to avoid alcohol and of course you need to eat right and exercise. Though easier said than done, you will need to avoid as much stress as possible.

Diabetes control

Your doctor will be monitoring your blood glucose levels frequently. Pregnancy often changes the body’s hormonal balance and these changes can also include blood sugar levels, which can go up and down quite frequently. If you are already diabetic you will need to check your blood sugar levels at least 6 to 8 times a day. Either way, diabetic or not this will help keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy is important for all women, but if you are already diabetic you will need a diet for diabetics. If you are already overweight it is strongly advised that you lose some weight before getting pregnant. This can reduce your chances of getting diabetes during or after pregnancy. It is also wise to talk to a dietitian to get a special diet that will insure proper blood sugar balances before and during pregnancy.

Exercising regularly

Exercising is also import to keep blood sugar levels down and balanced out with the diabetic diet. You should begin exercising before you get pregnant and continue during pregnancy and even after the baby is born. Consult with your doctor about which exercises diabetes sufferers need and which exercises are right for each stage of the procedure, including the different phases of pregnancy. Your doctor may recommend that you see a physio or recreational therapist to help coordinate your exercise and diet plan.

Diabetes Medication

If your doctor has prescribed diabetes medication, you have to make sure you take it at the exact time that it is prescribed. Do not skip a treatment or delay one. It is important to keep the schedule to make sure your blood sugar levels are controlled.

Low blood sugar levels

You need to prepare for low blood sugar levels and keep it under control. You will need glucose tablets or a diet with sufficient carbohydrates. It would be important also for your family and friends to know about your condition and be there to support or help you in times of need, when you may be having a low blood sugar reaction.

Taking care of yourself and seeing your doctor regularly can help insure that you and your baby are safe and healthy at all times.

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