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 Q: What exactly is cyclodextrin?

A: Cyclodextrins are a group of modified starch products. Beta Cyclodextrin is formed naturally by the action of bacterial enzymes on starch, i.e., potatoes, beans, etc. Cyclodextrins dissolve completely in water and readily absorbed by the human body. Beta Cyclodextrin is currently the only member of the cyclodextrin group that is allowed for use in food supplements.

Q: Do Cyclodextrins really increase the effectiveness of the delivery of prohormone products?

A: Prohormone are extremely hydrophobic and not readily absorbed by the human body. Use of Beta Cyclodextrin in a simple physical mixture would result in no increase of bioavailability of a prohormone product. However, following a precise chemical process the cyclodextrin and prohormone can become a complex, with the prohormone residing inside the cyclodextrin. The end result gives the prohormone the disguised appearance of a readily absorbed starch.

Q: How can such low dosages really beat the 100mg of ANDRO I’m taking now?

 A: Because the human body does not readily absorb the andro. The 100mg dosage is 90% rejected before ever reaching your bloodstream. This is very typical of most chemical synthesis of naturally occurring substances. However, once chemically processed with cyclodextrin, the opposite occurs and about 90% of the prohormone reaches the bloodstream. We feel smaller dosages taken several times a day, are more effective and safer for the bodies organs.

Q: How much more other prohormone is bioavailable by taking in this form?

 A: Typically with Androstenedione and Androstenediol a 25mg Cyclodextrin dosage is the equal of a 100mg dosage of the andro; NorAndrostenedione a 10mg dosage is the equal of a 100mg; and NorAndrostenediol a 5mg dosage is the equal of a 100mg dosage.

Q: How is the prohormone molecule inserted into the cyclodextrin molecule?

 A: The microscopic appearance of a cyclodextrin molecule is shaped like a truncated cone. Its cavity attracts the prohormone molecule.

Q: I know we have testosterone fluctuations throughout the day. How would taking cyclo products every few hours affect my own natural levels?

A: Numerous studies have shown that artificial enhancement of hormone levels is independent of glandular levels.

Q: I’ve been reading new ads by some companies I’ve never heard of. They say some established supplement companies are trying to fool me by giving me a combo of free prohormones and free cyclodextrins molecules -“a worthless concoction”. They claim to deliver it through a special internal cavity process making it an active process, etc… This is confusing. Please help me understand all this mumbo jumbo.

A: You must be referring to the product claims of a small group of companies that use another of the cyclodextrin group called hydroxypropylbetacyclodextrin. The science behind their product is sound and is exactly the same as explained above. But, any claim as to Beta Cyclodextrin being inferior to hydroxypropybetacyclodextrin is moot because this substance (hydroxypropybetaacycldextrin) is not approved by the FDA for use in food supplements. And unfortunately, their use classifies the products as unapproved drugs.

Q: Are these products safe? How does the government classify them?

A: Beta Cyclodextrin could cause a risk to health if used in amounts above 10mg per kilogram of body weight per day. The amount contained in our Beta Cyclodextrin products at the recommended daily dosage would only be risky if you weighed less than 90 pounds, or if you severely exceeded the recommended daily dosage. Prohormone complex with Beta Cyclodextrin are classified as food supplements under the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act.

Q: Are there any studies that back these claims?

A: Limited human trials have been performed to establish the claim of absorption at various dosages. As an example, a male in his late twenties was tested prior to consuming Cyclo4Diol. Total testosterone level was 351 ng/dL and Free testosterone was 8.63 ng/dL. After 30 minutes, Total testosterone was 698 ng/dL and free testosterone was 24.01 ng/dL, a 178%  increase of Free Testosterone. After 60 minutes, Total testosterone 713 ng/dL, and Free testosterone 16.80 ng/L, a 103% increase of Total testosterone.

Q: How should I take GEN Cyclo products and how are they different than what is currently on the market?

A: GEN Cyclo lozenges should be dissolved in the mouth. It does very little good to put the lozenge under your tongue to dissolve because it will irritate that small area of buccal membrane and cause the majority of saliva created to be swallowed. When dissolved in the mouth the lozenge has more surface area of buccal, tongue, mouth and throat membrane to absorb through. GEN Cyclo products are the first sustained daily dosages available. In the limited human trials, it was determined that the artificially influenced hormone peak would decline after 2-1/2 hours. Our daily dosage, consumed every 2-1/2 hours is designed to provide a 10-hour elevation.

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