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Food Supplements to Aid You in Your Weight Loss

World-renowned anti-aging and lifestyle modification expert and author David Sandoval formulated these PHP whole food supplements. The products are exactly what you need to give you the willpower to succeed.

Power Shake™ pre-mixed powder that contains the Organic Kamut Blend™, Aktivated Barley™, Rice Bran Solubles™, Spirulina, and Carrot Juice Plus™ (see information below about individual nutritional benefits of each ingredient.)

 1.  Organic Kamut Blend™

In order to properly prepare your body to flush and eliminate toxins like fat, it is very important to alkalize and neutralize the acids that accumulate within the body. It is also very important to increase the uptake of oxygen and to suppress the production of the hormone precursor Rhelan. Each and everyday, you will use Organic Kamut Blend™, an amazing green juice extracted from the leaves of an ancient Egyptian plant, similar to wheatgrass juice but with a mild yet powerful effect.

Note: Organic Kamut™ is part of the Power Shake™

2.  Organic Aktivated Barley™

In order to succeed with any weight loss program it is important that the body feels satisfied and full. We have an amazing product used by international relief agencies specifically designed to suppress hunger, increase energy, and help normalize cholesterol levels. This is a phenomenal product made from organic pre-sprouted barley grain in a patented process that unlocks amazing energy. Remember Gladiators and the Roman Army survived months at a time entirely on barley gruel.

Note: Organic Aktivated Barley™ is part of the Power Shake™

3.  Rice Bran Solubles™

The most potent nutrient rich parts of rice disappear when it is cooked. What are these parts? They are the soluble fibers that “melt” away in hot water. We call those Rice Bran Solubles™ and they are amazing plant complexes containing a wide variety of unique nutrients not found in other foods, like rice bran tocotrienol which is vitamin E type tocopherols that is 50 times more potent and protective to your body! Additionally the wide variety of B vitamins, co-Q 10 gamma oryzanol, folic acid, and beta sitertol make Rice Bran Solubles™ a superstar among foods. Scientific studies indicated that Rice Bran Solubles™ are vital for maintaining normal cholesterol levels and blood glucose control. Rice Bran Solubles™ mix well in any beverage or smoothie and have a mild nutty buttery taste.

Note: Rice Bran Solubles™ is part of the Power Shake™

4.  Spirulina™

Anytime you begin to lose weight it is important to provide your body with the maximum nutritional support that it needs to thrive. We have chosen nature’s most potent single food that contains the widest variety of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and other phyto chemical compounds including essential fatty acids, trace minerals, chlorophyll, nucleic acids, and phyco-cyan.

Note: Hawaiian Spirulina™ is part of the Power Shake™

5.  Carrot

Carrot juice is known as one of the most important parts of any juice fast or “raw” food regimen. This is due to the fact that its deep, rich, orange color comes from the abundance of beta-carotene, minerals, and other phyto-nutrients that are unique to the tuber family. Since most people cannot juice fresh organic carrots daily, Platinum Health Products™ has created our unique blend of dried carrot juice, which we combine with soluble rice bran. Soluble rice bran has complementary antioxidants like tocotreinols and helps to balance the effect that the carrot’s natural sugars may have on blood glucose levels.

Note: Carrot Juice Plus™ is part of the Power Shake™


Control™ is specifically designed to help you through the temptations of life without guilt or feeling unsatisfied. It contains ingredients that have two special functions and one is to help you eat less! It will simply take the edge off your cravings and help you feel satisfied faster. This ingredient is called Citrin® and is an Ayurvedic Herb grown in India. Scientific studies show Citrin®, derived from Garcinia Cambogia fruits, can help curb the cravings that lead to binging. Secondly, the other ingredients actually help reduce the impact of high carbohydrates and sugar foods, lessening the possibility that your body will convert them into fat cells. They may also reduce the “spike” often associated with “comfort foods” and snacks.

Master Amino Complex™

The most important aspect of losing weight is burning fat cells. In order to burn fat cells efficiently it is important that we begin to build lean muscle tissue. The Master Amino Complex™ is a patented protein formula that is superior to every other protein on the market when it comes to digestion and utilization in the muscle building process and is clinically proven to help the body burn fat and build lean muscle. The MAC™ will also be an integral part in helping build strength and endurance.

Daily Fiber Blend™

Another important aspect of losing weight for those who do not have multiple daily bowel movements is detoxification. It is very important that one begins to cleanse and eliminate the accumulated waste within their body. For this we have created Daily Fiber Blend™, an amazingly easy to use product that is extremely gentle and always effective at normalizing the function of the bowel.

Organic Tropic Oil™

For those interested in a weight loss regimen, coconut oil is the ideal fat for frying and baking. Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride and provides instant energy to the body. It also contains anti-parasitic properties, may help regulate the thyroid and contains up to 25% fewer calories than most cooking oils. Most importantly, it is not a trans-fat, which means it does not contribute to cancer. It is not a fully saturated fat, which means no cholesterol, and coconut oil does not contribute to blood platelet stickiness. It is the ideal cooking oil for any weight loss regimen. Our organic extra virgin coconut oil is the finest in the world.


Sleep is incredibly important in any weight loss program and recent studies show that lack of sleep triggers the body signal to store fat while proper sleep actually causes the body to burn fat. Apothe-Cherry™ is nature’s highest source of melatonin, which not only regulates circadian rhythms but also boasts the highest ORAC antioxidant capacity of any fruit tested. Delicious and easy to use, Apothe-Cherry™ should be taken 30 minutes before bedtime

ORAC is an acronym for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (the ability to scavenge free radicals).

Internal healing is extremely important during any weight loss regimen, particularly one that requires weight loss of 30 pounds or more. It is very important to assist skin cell rejuvenation so as not to have stretch marks, rolls and excessive skin.

Aloe Vera is traditionally used, and known, for its healing of the skin for cuts, burns, and abrasions; however Aloe Vera is even more important at helping regulate skin cell production. This will be an important addition for you as you seek to lose weight but not be burdened with excess flab, rolls, and stretch marks. Our 40X Aloe Vera™ is the most potent Aloe Vera available in the world – and only 1-2 teaspoons a day has an incredible healing effect on the internal organs and skin.

Nutrition Now Meal Option™

Over-eating, snacking and choices made impulsively when we realize we are “starving” are the primary reason people gain weight, develop physical problems and begin losing the battle against fat, low energy and poor nutrition. Nutrition Now Meal Option™ is a delicious between meal drink that utilizes real whole foods to create a balanced and nutritious choice that will satisfy your body’s needs without compromising on quality. Easy to use, Nutrition Now comes in two extremely yummy flavors, Sweet Strawberry and Creamy Vanilla that contain our scientifically balanced -30-30-10-15 profile. When you compare Nutrition Now to the most popular between meal options, you will be amazed at the superior ingredients. (This is OPTIONAL and can be added to the Power Shake for taste)

PHP Supplement Protocol for Weight Loss

Start the morning off with a Green Drink (aka Power Shake™). Mix 1 tbs. Organic Kamut Blend™ with 1 tbs.Aktivated Barley™ and 1 tbs. Rice Bran Solubles™, 1 tsp. ofSpirulina, and 1 tbs. of Carrot Juice Plus™ -OR- use 1 serving of the Power Shake™ with water, or Nutrition Now Meal Option or apple juice, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Pre-lunch green drink or smoothie with 1 tbs. Organic Tropic Oil™ with fruit and ice. Note: only add Organic Tropic Oil™ if you are going to blend in a blender.

You can substitute a meal with 4 tbs. Nutrition Now Meal Option™ (Creamy vanilla or Sweet strawberry) mixed with rice milk, almond milk or juice.

Pre-dinner green drink same as morning green drink.

Take 1 Master Amino Complex™ for every 25 lbs. body weight 30 minutes prior to exercise. If not going to exercise in a day, take first thing in the morning.

Take 2 capsules Control™ prior to any fatty meal or any time you feel you need appetite control.

If you are not eliminating at least twice daily, take 2 tbs. of Daily Fiber Blend™ with juice or water 1 hour prior to bedtime.

Take 1-2 tbs. Apothe-Cherry™ with 1 tsp. of 40X Aloe Vera Concentrate™ mixed in 8 oz of water prior to bedtime.

Drink at least ½ your body weight in ounces of water everyday!

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