Fasting Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetes

A person’s blood sugar changes depending on a few factors. The main factor is the amount of sugar or starchy food they have consumed. The person’s blood sugar level is vital for organs to work efficiently, and for overall good health. The fasting blood sugar level is the amount of sugar in the blood after a period of not eating usually in the morning after waking up from sleeping. Blood sugar levels are elevated after consuming certain foods, but getting the level after fasting, can also determine if a person may be prone to diabetes, by measuring fasting blood sugar levels.

Having normal fasting blood sugar levels does not guarantee that you don’t have diabetes. Many people have normal fasting blood sugar levels but still have diabetic symptoms, and often are diagnosed with diabetes. Usually the symptoms of diabetes will show up after eating, and that’s why the fasting blood sugar levels are not the best diagnosis for diabetes, because of the lack of diabetic symptoms. If you already have diabetes and your fasting blood sugar levels are normal, that does not indicate that your diabetes is cured. It could mean you that you just happen to have your fasting sugar level under control, or you are just plain lucky. It is extremely rare for diabetes to just disappear so don’t be fooled by normal fasting blood sugar levels. Anyone with diabetic symptoms or diabetes needs to test themselves throughout the day especially after a meal.

The main reason for a fasting blood sugar level test is to rule out other conditions. The test is done after a person has not eaten or drank anything for at least eight hours. Water is not a factor, so the person can consume any amount of water, but no foods, or other liquids. This test is then performed and can give the doctor an accurate reading of how much sugar or glucose is in the blood stream without eating anything. A doctor can tell if a person has diabetes, or has pre-diabetes. This test is usually done if the person is experiencing diabetic symptoms. There are normal amounts and abnormal amounts of glucose in the blood stream, and this test can determine if and how bad, a person’s glucose level is, and how to treat it, if necessary.

 There are several things that can be told from a fasting blood sugar test, besides the level of glucose in the blood. This test can also determine how the blood is breaking down food and converting it to energy, how the liver is functioning, and how the other organs in the body that regulate blood glucose are working. There are other methods to test sugar levels in the blood stream besides a fasting blood glucose test. An Hb1AC test is a blood test that is taken over a 3 month period. This will tell the doctors how a person’s blood sugar level is changing over a longer period of time, This normal done to someone who had been diagnosed with diabetes, or at least has diabetic symptoms. The person’s diet can change, as well as sleep habits which would change a person’s blood sugar level. People who have been diagnosed with diabetes will sue a home testing procedure. This is where the person gets a small drop of blood and is put on special paper and inserted in a machine. The machine will read the level and the person will have the information needed to control his glucose level.

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