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Fad Diets You Might Want to Try

It’s definitely no secret that fad diets aren’t something you should use for an extended period of time. And that’s with good reason, they’re dangerous if you stay on them for too long. But if you need to drop a few pounds quickly, they can be your best friend. Before you go on one of these diets please check with your doctor. You want to make sure your body can handle such extreme measures to lose weight.

The vegetable soup diet

The vegetable soup diet is a very popular fad diet that has been around for many, many years. All you have to do is make vegetable soup and eat it. If you like you can add a few condiments to the mix to spice things up a bit. With this diet you will drop weight very quickly because you are basically eating all liquids as soup is a water based food.

With the vegetable soup diet you have to make sure you get plenty of rest if you want to maximize your results. Sleep is very important as it helps to heal and restore the body. And when you don’t get enough rest that can actually lead to weight gain. So make sure you eat your vegetable soup and get plenty of sleep every night.

Seven days food diet

This is another fad diet that works fast. With this diet you choose one set of foods for each day. For example, the first day you might eat only fruits and the second day you might eat only vegetables. If that is what you choose for the day, that is all you can eat. Also make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day so you can feel fuller longer. Water also keep your vital organs running strong. So make sure you get plenty of water in your diet.

Lemonade diet

This diet has been around for centuries. But a few years ago, it became extremely popular when Beyoncé used it to drop 20 pounds in just 14 days. With this diet you don’t eat any solid foods. All you are allowed to eat is a special mixture that consists of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. You have to drink six to twelve glasses of this mixture everyday. It’s a very difficult diet to stick with but it will help you lose weight fast.

3-day diet

The 3 day diet is based on the idea that if you eat a certain mixture of foods, you will create a chemical reaction that will boost your metabolism and ultimately cause you to lose weight. It is a 3 day on, 2 day off type of diet. And while many people have used this diet, there is no scientific evidence that it actually works.

The cabbage soup diet

As the name states, the cabbage soup diet is all about cabbage. For seven straight days all you can eat is cabbage soup. The problem with this and other fad diets like it is that you will get tired of eating the same thing over and over. Eventually you will just stop and go back to eating the junk you were eating before. This will only lead to weight gain.


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