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Eczema: What Is It? Skin Care Advice and Treatment Options

Eczema is a form of dermatitis.  Both are a type of skin irritation that is likely to provide a rash of some sort on the skin.  There are various forms of this condition.  Individuals that suffer from it will usually notice a red, flaky area on the skin.  It may have small blisters or even cracks in it.  One characteristic that is often present is that it is often quite itchy.  Individuals that do scratch at it though, are likely to have conditions worsened considerably from doing so.

If you feel that you may have the condition, it is wise for you to seek the help of a doctor or even better is a dermatologist.  These individuals are likely to run a series of tests to determine what the problem is.  They may just look at the skin and diagnose it or they may seek out the help of blood tests.  Often, blood tests are required to determine what is causing the flare ups.

Often, allergens are behind this skin condition.  For individuals that are dealing with it, there can be an allergy that has been present or one that is new.  In any case, it is necessary to find out what it is so that it can be removed from use near the body.  In some cases, it can be soaps and detergents in others it can be perfumes and cosmetics.  If you are experiencing these conditions, stay away from using anything on the skin that can worsen the condition such as soaps, dyes and especially non allergy-free products.

Treatment for the condition can be determined once the doctor finds out just what you are allergic to.  For example, if it is determined that you are allergic to soaps that you are using, removing these from contact from the skin is the best way to stop seeing problems.  Often, individuals with this condition should seek out the help of all non-allergenic products such as perfumes, cosmetics, body and hair soaps as well as anything else that is placed on the skin.  This is the best treatment for the condition in the long run.

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