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Dyshidrotic Eczema: What Is It?

Dyshidrotic eczema is a condition which affects the skin.  It is characterized by blisters that appear on the hands and on the feet.  These are often quite itchy and can become worse when scratched. The condition is often a difficult one to handle simply because of how severe it can be.  Most of the time the condition is worsened because individuals will use the areas frequently and abrasions can also worsen it.

Why Is It There?

There are no real known reasons for why this type of eczema occurs.  It does appear to be a seasonal condition for most individuals though.  What you will notice are small blisters that begin to form on the feet and on the hands.  They are usually filled with a fluid.  Because of these blisters, the skin feels quite itchy and many people have a very difficult time controlling their scratching.  If they do scratch though, the condition can be worsened by the onset of infections.  Individuals can also feel pain when big blisters form.

To know if this is the condition that you are suffering from, you’ll need to seek out the attention of your doctor.  He will often take a skin biopsy or may use a scraping method to remove some of the infected skin for a closer look.  Also, blood tests may be taken to find out what is causing the condition, if it can be determined.

Getting Rid of It

Getting rid of this form of eczema may prove difficult but relief can happen.  You can use a wide range of products to help improve the condition.  For example, moisturizers have shown to help.  Your doctor may recommend topical steroids and oral anti-pruritic medication as well (Benadryl.)  In any case, the worst thing that you can do for this form of eczema is to scratch at it.

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