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Diet Rules for Different Types of Diabetes

Individuals today are at risk of receiving a diagnosis with diabetes, some sooner, and some later. It makes one wonder what the true underlying cause of diabetes really is and why it is so difficult to find a cure for diabetes after centuries of case studies. Medical physicians and some medical researchers seem to believe that the information on diabetes is in need of drastic modernization. The brunt of the causes of diabetes is being insensitively blamed on all the abundance of processed foods and all the fast food restaurants that cook everything in yesterday’s grease, but is this factual?

Diabetes although not given a proper name, was in part centuries ago diagnosed and there were no fast food restaurants chains then. Granted in today’s times the fast food restaurants are a contributing factor, but they were not the ones who created this deadly disease. Still there are other medical physicians and medical researchers who claim that poor diet and inadequate diabetes testing are to blame. The diabetic symptoms are already there infecting an individual, but they seem to go unnoticed until the individual is given a diabetes test.

There are to date three known forms of what we call diabetes and some are including Alzheimer’s disease as a branch of diabetes, which is very interesting. It may in fact be the latest breakthrough for many more suffers that fail to understand how this can strike one family member and no other.

  1. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is easily controllable through diet and exercise.
  1. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is also controllable through diet and exercise.
  1. Type 3 Diabetes Mellitus involves daily insulin, diet, and exercise.
  1. Type 4 Alzheimer’ Disease, which is a fairly new possible diagnosis.

Methods in the attempt of bringing balance to diabetes are available in a variety of ways and include basic steps easy enough for all individuals to follow easily. There are a number of ways to begin and interesting enough in the food preparation for the diabetes diet the science community is now including flaxseed oil, and cinnamon. This alone is very innovative and will add to the taste of foods in a delightful way. A few of the current rules to monitoring the way for curing diabetes are:

  1. Adding vegetables and fruits with every meal
  1. Reducing the daily intake of carbohydrates
  1. Adding beans for fiber to the daily diet
  1. Adding whole grains to the daily diet
  1. Drinking water regularly through the day

Exercise added to the daily routine is another wonderful idea to a successful and fruitful future. Exercise adds to the routine for even a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening will be a tremendous asset to helping the individual inflicted with diabetes back to a healthy lifestyle. Whether an individual is experiencing diabetic symptoms for pre-diabetes, type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes, or type-3 diabetes exercise is number two on the list after rearranging the kitchen to a more healthy diabetes diet.

Diabetic medication may be necessary for the treatments for diabetes, but that is between the individual and the medical physician. Once the diabetic meal plan has been arranged and there are plenty of fresh vegetables, especially the green leafy vegetables and the addition of plenty of fresh fruit it is time for the individual to decide which forms of exercise is best suited. Depending on overall health the individual will enjoy indulging in what is now the in trend of short strength exercising. This accomplishment is in many forms to control the high blood sugar levels in a very successful ways. Riding a bicycle, taking a walk around the neighborhood, roller skating, or remaining in the home and walking on a treadmill are some of the forms of exercise to bring the individual’s body back to a healthier state.

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