Diabetes and Pregnancy

Pregnant and Diabetic?  You may be more prone to MRSA.  That’s what a new study featured in last Month’s issue of the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) is advising.

The study, carried out by a researchers at the Department of Epidemiology of the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research looked at more than 3.5 million delivery-related hospital admissions from the US Nationwide Inpatient Sample (NIS) from 2005-2008 and determined that a MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infection was 3.4 times more likely to occur in women with diabetes than women without.

During the course of the study, there were 3,531,821 pregnancy related admissions.  185,514 (5.3%) of those women developed diabetes during pregnancy, commonly known as gestational diabetes.  28,939 (1%) had diabetes prior to becoming pregnant.

According to the study, pre-pregnancy diabetes appears to be a risk factor leading to invasive MRSA infection in the early period after giving birth.  Women with gestational diabetes were found to pose a potentially higher risk for developing MRSA, but the estimates were not precise because the researches were only able to determine the exact way MRSA was contracted in around half of the total cases of infection.

Childbirth is the most common reason for hospitalization in the US.  Because this number is so high, pregnant women admitted for labor and delivery make up a large portion of the patients that develop MRSA while in the hospital.

While researches admit there is not sufficient data to conclude that pre-pregnancy diabetes is a direct cause of the risk of MRSA once admitted for delivery, diabetes can increase susceptibility to MRSA.

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