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How to Consider Calorie Intake to Lose Weight

Losing weight has become a necessity nowadays because weight loss is not just about getting rid of obesity but now it is an elementary criterion for a healthy living. Usually, many people complain that their efforts did not work out while they were trying to shed extra calories from their body; the right techniques are always implicit when applied in a right manner along with a consistency of regular practices. You are not going to achieve a fit-and-fab body just with the support of workout and prescribed diet. One major thing which is ignored by the people most of the time is “calorie intake”. As we all know there is a parallel connection between weight loss and calorie intake and it is essential to consider intake of calories while trying to lose weight. Why is it important to watch calorie intake? Overlooking the calorie intake may ruin your attempts to shed extra weight, no matter how hard you try. Calorie intake should be measured during weight loss sessions because it helps you to understand the difference between intake and burning of calories per day. If expenditure is lower than the intake, then definitely your efforts is going to be in vain, there should be a mere difference between the calorie burn and the intake in which the burning should be greater than the intake. Moreover, if the burning is too much greater than the intake then this may tend to some side effects such as fatigue, diarrhea and constipation. The minimum calorie intake for men should be 1800 per day and for women 1200-1300 per day. Below is a brief eating plan to lose weight.

Best ways to maintain calorie intake during weight loss:

  1. Calorie calculator

This is the first thing a person should bookmark while sticking to a diet plan or a specific weight loss plan.  Basically, people follow diet and calorie charts but those charts are based upon the average consequences of shedding extra calories. You do not have the idea if the stats of charts would work for you or not. In fact, it is a bit tricky to gather your own diet prescription from such charts. A calorie calculator asks you about your age, height, present body weight and the weight you want to achieve in desired time duration. After the submission of the above info, you will get a brief description of the calorie consumption per day. Calorie calculators are easily available online.

  1. Meal frequency

Meal frequency means the intake of food or meals after distinctive duration of time. The fundamental time duration for meal frequency according to diet experts is 2 to 3 hours. This is because, it takes at least 3 hours for food to be digested and thus, the craving begins after the food is completely digested. But, meal frequencies are helpful in controlling the calorie intake along with some benefits given below:

  • Metabolism is increased
  • Stable blood sugar and insulin level
  1. Inverted pyramid for diets

Inverted pyramid diet technique can be proved as a boon for the person, who aspires to obtain a fit body with no excess fats. This inverted pyramid decreased down from a meal type at the morning to diet type at night. Well said by someone, “have breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and the dinner like a beggar” which appropriately relates to this technique. The reason behind this norm is that metabolic rate is lowest at night and highest in the morning. So, you can opt for light snacks at your dinner and have a healthy breakfast every day to analyze your calorie intake.

  1. Eating etiquettes

The right way of having food does not only include being silent at dining table and keep accurate postures for sitting at the table but there are  other factors that can put bad impact on your health. You may not believe that watching television while eating would be harmful for your health because mental attention is an essential part while having food especially when you are keeping eyes on your calorie intake for weight loss. You should chew your each bite properly so that it helps your body to digest easily.

  1. Ingredient correction

You do not need to replace edibles in your kitchen with green leafy vegetable, oats, fruits etc in order to control your calorie consumption. But use the ingredients smartly and understand what is good for you during your weight loss session. For example, you can choose something more flavored instead of picking sauce that contains extra calories with added sugar.

  1. Water intake

Water intake is one of the primary factors for reducing weight. These factors are responsible in maintaining a balance in daily calorie consumption. You will not be getting the benefits of water consumption just by having 8-10 glasses per day. You should take at least 15-20 glasses of water to get an effective result for weight loss.

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