Colon Cleanse at Home or a Colon Cleanse Service?

Have you ever read about, or thought about joining a colon clinic center for a 3- day or 7-day colon cleanse? Some clinics recommend you stay a month for a full comprehensive colon therapy. The cost is phenomenal but even if you can afford the therapy and the 7-day getaway, is it really necessary to go to such lengths to have your colon cleansed? Or are there other equally effective or maybe even better options? Colon Clinics – Are They a Bum Deal?

Very often colon therapy is combined with liquid-only diets and rigorous fasting programs. The aim is usually to get the colon cleansed as well as to empty the digestive system and rid the body of toxins that have accumulated. Many who prefer an in-patient colon therapy program often go there with goals that include: weight loss, rejuvenation and energy, better skin, better digestion to get rid of allergies or food sensitivities.

The professional care that you may receive from these colon therapy clinics depends on the quality, qualifications and experience of the attending practitioners. Equipment used must be disposable or properly sterilized. This is a delicate procedure and must be done by professionals only. Mistakes could have serious repercussions including infection and damage to the sphincter and colon tissues.

Colon hydrotherapy costs from $50 to $100 per session. Usually, 3 sessions are recommended in a 7 to 10 day period. Each session lasts for about an hour. This is for outpatients. If you’re an in-patient and doing a 7-day cleansing and fasting program it could cost you $1500 and upwards depending on the type of facility and services offered.

Needless to say, this theory of colon cleansing combined with fasting and ridding the body of toxins does not sit well with the mainstream medical professionals who say there is no scientific basis for supporting such therapies. According to the general medical opinion, there is no need to cleanse the colon so drastically. It disturbs the natural balance of the body. It flushes out the good bacteria that are required for healthy digestion and colonic health. It disturbs the electrolyte balance and the natural pH environment of the GI tract. The kind of extreme fasting that is required can weaken the body and medical doctors say that such fad diets actually lead to quick and even greater weight gain once you’re back on your normal diet. Such therapies definitely should be done in clinics so that a careful monitoring of your health by professional medical personnel can be regularly performed.

Colon Cleanse at Home

In contrast, a well-formulated herbal colon cleanse can give you a scientifically based colon cleansing experience, in the privacy of your own. A well-formulated colon cleanser should be:

  • natural and free from harsh chemicals
  • works gently with your body for elimination of waste
  • does not disturb the electrolyte balance
  • does not disturb the delicate pH balance of the GI system
  • performed in the privacy of your own home, without disturbing your normal schedule
  • requires no special diets or fasting programs
  • helps prime digestive health so that any weight loss program can work efficiently

If your goal is to lose weight, herbal colon cleansing is a good way to begin any weight loss program as it cleanses the colon and tones digestive health. Any diet that you choose may lead to quicker weight loss as the digestive system is primed to better absorb nutrients and eliminate fats from the system. The fiber in colon cleansers helps to promote feelings of satiety or “fullness” for a longer time. This helps ward off hunger pangs or the desire to “binge”. The special herbs help to tone the digestive system and other eliminatory organs so that the body is optimized to perform these functions efficiently.

Herbal colon cleansers also help to promote bowel regularity. People who periodically use colon cleansers have seen improvement in their skin tones, a rejuvenation of their energies and a pickup in immune health.

A physician-formulated program, like BeneCleanse, consists of an initial cleanse, a secondary cleanse and nutritional support through MultiFibe capsules. The 5-day initial cleanse helps to cleanse the colon and flush out only the bad bacteria and parasites. The 30-day secondary cleanse promotes regularity and helps to support the functions of major eliminatory organs. The nutritional support begins on Day 6 and can be continued since it consists of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and a blend of prebiotics and probiotics that help to promote and maintain a healthy intestinal flora.

With breakthroughs in scientifically-based colon cleanse, there’s really no need to spend a fortune on colon therapies that may not give you the desired affects you are looking for. There is also an element of risk and embarrassment involved in the process. BeneCleanse offers you nutritional support for digestive and colonic health. In the privacy of your own home, you can experience a comprehensive colon cleanse program without disturbing the natural balance of your body

NaturalDetox is a manufacturer of colon health supplements that are carefully formulated by a physician. This herbal colon cleanser provides a 3-step approach for colon cleansing, promoting and nutritionally maintaining a healthy colon.


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