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You Can’t Stop Time

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The importance of your nutritional program cannot be overemphasized! This is a considered statement and its evaluation is not to be taken lightly. The subject of nutrition for anyone over the age of 35 is paramount.


A more thorough presentation of the nutrition program is made in the book “You Can’t Stop Time” and it is recommended that you consult the book for a thorough grasp of the principles outlined therein.

As to the question why, it is interesting to note that we eat because we are hungry and we eat because it has a pleasing taste.  We do this multiple times a day, every single day for our entire life, it sustains us. We must stand back and take a deeper look at the impact it has on our health to find what it has to do with aging well. We must next take a look at the body to gain some insight.


The body utilizes food and its nutritional value essentially for two purposes. It keeps the body built and operational and food is also the fuel the body utilizes to make energy for activity. The key point for the anti-ager is the ongoing activity of keeping the body built well. This factor is generally not well understood and yet is of supreme importance!

To build anything to last, including and especially a living, biological organism, one must use the very best of the proper building materials and in adequate supply required for the job. It is important to note that many of the degenerative conditions that are associated with aging can be attributed to not eating correctly for the continuing building and maintenance needs of the body!


Your age and biochemical individuality dictate the importance of providing for your body’s uniqueness with the correct nutrients and in the amounts sufficient to meet its special needs, both for health maintenance and energy requirements. There is no “one diet fits all,” especially as one ages. Unnoticeable though they may be; physical requirements do change as one slowly grows older. It is important, as one passes 35 years of age, to provide nutritionally for this fact in order to ensure quality health and energy maintenance.  In conclusion, your age and your genotype set you apart from other people and both issues must be individually considered and addressed in order for you to age well physically!

The book “You Can’t Stop Time,” is essentially an educational book which is also able to act as an instruction manual. It presents, discusses and outlines how we age, why we age and most importantly; what can we do about aging.

It describes, in depth and in easily understood language, the foundational, requisite programs that are essential in addressing and overcoming the totality of the negative aspects of the aging condition for both men and women.

For those of you who are 35 years of age and older and are interested in maintaining your health and looks, the two factors that decline the most as time passes, this will prove to be crucially, indispensable information

“You Can’t Stop Time” was written for the general public and the information is presented in a non-technical, easily understood format designed to educate and enlighten as well as being delivered, at times, in an entertaining and non-serious style.

What’s this book about? If you are over 35 years old then, man or woman, it’s all about you!

For anyone interested in the subject of anti-aging and attempting to achieve and maintain a healthy, independent, quality lifestyle, the information in this expertly written book will prove to be invaluable.

A solid foundation of the nuts and bolts of anti-aging is presented in a practical approach gained from a “hands-on,” interactive experience of working first hand with individuals. This is real world application and real world results. It includes all the core information needed to understand the subject as well as the programs for handling the areas of anti-aging needing to be addressed. It is a complete, in depth look at anti-aging. This is “the handbook of anti-aging.”

The science and philosophy of anti-aging are presented in an insightful and sometimes irreverent way designed to educate as well as entertain.

The subject of aging is a necessary and vital concern for those of us, male or female, who are over the age of 35.

What is aging, what can we do about it and more importantly, what do we want to do about it? In answer to this serious question, we will want to retain, and in some cases regain, and preserve as many of our youthful attributes as is humanly possible! We will want to continue to keep our looks, our shape, our youthful health and vigor and our joyful and optimistic mental attitude. We do not want to “get old.”

Can this be done? Yes! The book could very well have been entitled: “The Five Cornerstones of the Fountain of Youth.” Our “fountain of youth” is to be found in the five anti-aging programs presented and outlined in the book “You Can’t Stop Time.” How to retain our youthfulness and can we regain our youthfulness have been researched and remarkably; verified and proven to be factually doable.  The solution to aging is to stay young!

It can be said that if we are able to keep our youthfulness, that this will then serve to act as a natural prevention in overriding all the negative aspects we associate with aging and it has been found to be so. Read the book and discover the secrets for youthful aging.

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