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Boost HGH Production the Natural Way with L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is a natural HGH releaser that is inexpensive and 100% safe. It is no surprise that manufacturers use L-Glutamine as a primary ingredient in their production of HGH supplements.

Basically, L-Glutamine is a free-floating amino acid found abundant in skeletal muscles cells. Muscle cells are known to produce 90% of L-Glutamine in the body. The brain and lungs are known to produce the remaining 10% of Glutamine in the body. These main producers synthesize Glutamine with the help of the enzyme, Glutamine Synthetase.

Intestinal cells are known to be massive consumers of L-Glutamine. To maintain normal function and restore integrity, the intestinal lining absorbs Glutamine directly from the food that passes along the intestine. It is quite obvious that aside from being an excellent HGH trigger, L-Glutamine delivers other health benefits. Bodybuilders are not the only group of people who can optimize the benefits of daily L-Glutamine intake. Even those who simply want to maintain good lean mass by losing weight can benefit from L-Glutamine intake.

Although considered as a conditional essential amino acid, L-Glutamine is produced in high amounts by the body. Free floating by nature, it is utilized by different parts of the body that need extra nitrogen to facilitate tissue repair and healing.  A deficiency in glutamine results in muscle weakness and immune system dysfunction.  During bouts of extreme physical workouts, L-Glutamine aids the body in faster recovery and muscle building. Aside from these primary roles, it triggers the anterior pituitary gland to produce high levels of HGH, which also contributes to muscle growth and fat loss.

In recent years, scientists have found that adding L-Glutamine as a main ingredient in HGH supplements can also reverse the signs of aging. Since it is an amino acid, it triggers the pituitary gland to secrete more HGH even beyond adolescent years. It is usually combined with other amino acids such as L-Arigine, L-Lysine, and L-Glycine. There are also manufacturers that market L-Glutamine as a standalone supplement. However, L-Glutamine supplementation all by itself may not be able to deliver the desired anti-aging effect that a fully-packed HGH supplement can provide. How does L-Glutamine Reverse the sign of aging?

Prevent acidosis during extreme physical exercise

Regulating acid-base balance is crucial in order for the body to stay healthy.  Muscle wasting is associated with low levels of Glutamine in the bloodstream. People who suffer from muscle atrophy looks relatively weaker and older compared to those who take L-Glutamine supplements. HGH supplements with at least 2 grams of L-Glutamine per serving are proven to increase HGH production by over 400%. This only means that you get enough HGH stores in the body in case of tissue damage or injury. You also get enough L-Glutamine for other anti-aging related functions such as enhanced cognitive faculties and enhance memory.

L-Glutamine ensures cell hydration

The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is a direct result of cell dehydration. The release of more HGH in the bloodstream will stimulate the skin cells to maintain ideal cell volume at all times.  A well-hydrated body can be seen in the skin integrity of an individual. Eating L-Glutamine enriched foods such like meat and poultry products can ensure that your skin cells are supplied with adequate amounts of HGH. Fine lines and wrinkles are virtually non-existent especially if you have healthy stores of L-Glutamine in your blood plasma.

Boost Immune System Function

As we grow older, our bodies become more prone to sickness and injury. A healthy concentration of L-Glutamine in the bloodstream ensures that there is adequate energy that can be utilized during intense workouts. Depletion in L-Glutamine makes an individual prone to tissue damage and injury. When muscles become weak, immune system function kicks in and utilizes the available HGH in the bloodstream. Without a continuous supply of HGH, the body will be unable to recover rapidly, thus making it highly susceptible to disease and illness.

Are there side effects from L-Glutamine Intake?

There are no documented side effects from continuous and regular L-Glutamine supplementation. Since our bodies can produce adequate amounts of Glutamine without showing any unpleasant side effects, it can tolerate added L-Glutamine supplementation. This is especially true when the body spends large amounts of Glutamine during intense workouts. However, it is recommended that L-Glutamine should only be taken by individuals who are way past puberty years. L-Glutamine and HGH production is still at its peak during adolescent years. Teenagers who are taking supplements may experience unwanted side effects such as acromegaly. Although this condition can be reversed, the damage caused by acromegaly may be permanent.

For those who are looking into taking L-Glutamine for its muscle building benefits, doctors recommend to take it before intense workouts only. It should be administered 30 minutes to an hour before physical exercise. This ensures that the body will have enough L-Glutamine stores to aid in fast muscle recovery. On normal days, L-Glutamine should only be taken conservatively to prevent minor side effects like gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, and dizziness.

If you are looking into utilizing L-Glutamine to fight the signs of aging, it is recommended to take it with other amino acid supplements like Arginine, Lysine, and Glycine. Majority of HGH supplements include sufficient amounts of L-Glutamine in their list of ingredients. The concentration of L-Glutamine may not be as substantial, but in combination with other amino acids, it delivers optimal anti-aging effects by triggering the anterior pituitary gland to produce youthful levels of HGH.

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