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Best Omega 3 Fish Oil Guide

The health industry and conventional medicine both agree that taking an omega 3 supplement is a way to boost your overall health. But why?

As consumers, we are constantly being told what to eat, what to drink and how to live, but sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between which claims are real and which ones is just plain hype. However, omega 3 exhibits some of the most astonishing qualities in comparison to other essential fatty acids (and most nutrients, to be quite frank).

Naturally, medical experts obtain data concerning the benefits of certain nutrients by studying the issues that arise as a result of on-going deficiencies. What’s been discovered is that a lack of omega 3?s in the human diet is directly correlated with an increased chance of developing certain health issues such as heart disease, cancer and even some brain disorders.

“Some fats are good for us, omega-3 being one of them. It’s vital for health.”- Lona Sandon, spokesperson at American Dietetic Association

So, what really makes an omega 3 supplement such a necessary addition to our diets? What positive effects does it yield for us and why should we care? These are all fair questions, so let’s analyze the situation.

Best Omega 3 Fish Oil Guide – Why Omega 3?s Are So Important for the Human Body

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that the body naturally requires a substantial amount of omega 3?s to function properly. A whopping 60% of our brains are comprised of different fats and roughly half of them are DHA omega 3?s.

In case you didn’t already know, DHA is short for docosahexaenoic acid, which is what most cold-water oceanic fish oils are made up of. The fact that our brains exhibit a large amount of DHA indicates that we are heavily dependent on omega 3?s to survive.

In order to better understand how an omega 3 supplement can benefit us, we must further explore what a deficiency of omega 3?s can result in. The list is quite long…

  • Heart disease
  • Several cancers including breast, prostate, testicular and ovarian cancer
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Postpartum depression
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • ADHD
  • ADD

…and it gets much deeper than this. So while the risks of not having enough omega 3?s in our diets are quite intense, we can at least take comfort in knowing that they are not hard to obtain if we are willing to take the right steps. Not to mention the fact that there are several amazing benefits to be obtained from an omega 3 fish oil supplement. There are many different ways it can boost your health:

 Accommodation to the Heart:

oil-heartOmega 3?s benefit the heart by “loosening” up sticky platelets in the blood, which prevents the clattering responsible for the hindrance of blood flow (the root cause of heart attacks).

They also reduce the presence of triglycerides – these chemical compounds, when combined with high levels of cholesterol, can greatly increase your chances of developing heart disease. Heart disease is also highly represented by inflammation – omega 3?s exhibit many anti-inflammatory qualities.

Additionally, an omega 3 supplement can enhance the electrical system of the heart and thus prevent heart rhythm aberrations. This is a very unique quality not often seen in other essential fatty acids. “Omega 3 fatty acids benefit the heart of healthy people, and those at high risk of — or who have — cardiovascular disease.”- American Heart Association

 Cancer Prevention and Assistance:

As mentioned earlier, omega 3?s are well-renowned for attributing to the prevention of certain types of cancer such as breast, prostate, testicular and ovarian cancer. A high presence of DHA has been shown to enhance the efficiency of chemotherapy in prostate cancer cells.

Prostate cancer and breast cancer both rank high as one of the most common causes of death for men and women respectively, so an omega 3 supplement’s worth is invaluable in this matter.

Healthier Skin:

Omega 3?s benefit the skin in a couple of different ways. For one, the anti-inflammatory properties attribute to the prevention of acne and psoriasis, which are both conditions that can be quite painful and sometimes embarrassing.

Secondly, a balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids is absolutely crucial if one hopes to hamper acne outbreaks. The modern human diet consists of an overabundance of omega 6 fatty acids and not enough omega 3?s – this imbalance has been proven to be one of the leading causes of acne.

Arthritis Alleviation:

In terms of arthritis, the anti-inflammatory properties of an omega 3 supplement once again shine brightly. The root ee89d9c148688214c33129eb9d9597b6cause of arthritis pain is the inflammation of the joints, which is preventable if your diet exhibits a strong presence of omega 3?s.

Also, Crohn’s disease (an inflammatory disease of the intestines) and the many inflammatory bowel diseases (inflammatory conditions of the colon and small intestine) are all subject to decreased development when taking an omega 3 fish oil supplement.

Pregnancy Benefits:

A pregnant woman who takes an omega 3 supplement is irrefutably benefiting the development of her fetus. Although one should first ask a doctor to get the best details on this particular subject, a robust intake of omega 3?s amongst pregnant women has been shown to decrease the risk of their children developing attention deficit disorder and its hyperactivity counterpart.

Even better, children with diets consisting of omega 3?s exhibit higher IQ’s, which is most likely due to the brain being heavily reliant on the presence of omega 3?s. Also, if you’re a woman who often deals with menstrual cramps, an omega 3 supplement can help relieve this pain.

“Fish are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which may protect against coronary heart disease and stroke, and are thought to aid in the neurological development of unborn babies”- Joshua Cohen, political philosopher and Harvard University PhD.

So, while the benefits of these essential fatty acids are unquestionably desirable, it comes as a great surprise that omega 3?s are becoming harder and harder to obtain on a daily basis.

Our advancements in dietary knowledge sometimes progress in the opposite fashion, mainly due to the fact that every industry out there is strictly looking to make a profit.

As the years have gone by, the modern diet has been containing less omega 3?s than ever before. Originally, our diets had plenty of them, but when the food industries out there developed new ways to maximize their incomes, we inevitably paid the price.

For example, most meats we buy at grocery stores come from animals that were grain-fed instead of naturally fed. Farmers do this because it speeds up of the growth rate of their cattle, which makes it easier to distribute more meat at a faster pace.

Consequently, this results in less omega 3?s in the diets of these animals, therefore the meats that we eat have less omega 3?s as well.

Another good example of this is pollution. Fish were originally the most prospective sources of omega 3?s, but this is not the case any longer. Industries that set up shop close to oceans and other waterways end up polluting natural habitats and the fish inescapably become contaminated with dangerous entities such as mercury, PCB’s and lead.

In turn, we must rely on supplements in order to obtain a substantial amount of omega 3?s. With this taken into account, it then becomes a question of which omega 3 supplement accommodates best to our health.

The Important Qualities That Makes an Omega 3 Supplement a Dietary Prospect

There are a couple of attributes that must be considered before taking an omega 3 fish oil supplement. Let’s explore:

Molecular distillation: In order to acquire all of the benefits of the omega 3?s, one must take an omega 3 fish oil supplement that is molecularly distilled. Molecular distillation is the process through which oils are separated from unnatural contaminants, which is a crucial part of converting omega 3 oils into soft gels.

If fish oils are not molecularly distilled, they are at risk for being contaminated with unnatural entities such as mercury, PCB’s and lead – all of which are extremely dangerous for human consumption.

Serving size and economy: Another great aspect of an omega 3 supplement is that it is just as much economical as it is beneficial. The amount of money you spend on a single plate of fish could easily translate to a month’s supply of omega 3?s in supplement form. However, it’s important to take note of serving sizes and content measurements.

Two supplements that contain the same amount of capsules and dosages aren’t necessarily equal in quality – one likely has less milligrams of omega 3 content in each dose and its reduced price usually reflects on that. Point being: the cheaper product usually isn’t the better product.

To summarize, a purified omega 3 fish oil supplement that offers the most nutrition in each dose is most ideal. Therefore, we must ask ourselves some questions before purchasing a product:

Be sure there’s a balanced and optimal ratio of EPA & DHA fatty acids – ensuring a full range of healthy biological activity.

Scrutiny can be a very powerful weapon when shopping for good health and you should exhibit plenty of it.

Our Recommendation

omega-3_2602412bNow that you have most of the facts, it may help if you’re given some honest advice on which omega supplements to go with. As persons who value our health to a very high degree, we are extremely picky about the products we take and we have zero toleration for low-quality supplements.

What we have found to be the best omega 3 fish oil and the most optimal choice over the years is a particular product that comes from New Zealand. Here is some information about it:

The omega 3 fish oil used to make it comes from salmon and tuna who are flourishing in the Southern waters of New Zealand where they are protected from any exposure to contaminants and heavy metals. Thanks to its strict green laws and incredibly low-pollution levels, New Zealand ranks as one of the most eco-friendly regions on the planet. This alone makes the fish species two of the most dependable sources of omega 3 oils in existence.

There are no traces of mercury or any other contaminants found in this omega 3 fish oil supplement. The product, made by a company called Maxalife, is molecularly distilled making it completely safe for a human diet.

Not only that, but prior to the molecular distillation and concentration process, Maxalife puts its fish oils through a special corrective purifying process that facilitates maximum levels of purification that cannot be obtained from molecular distillation alone. This precautionary method is what makes this particular product unique in comparison to other fish oil supplements.

It’s economically valuable. By this I mean that, in respect to its robust omega 3 content, its price is unfathomably efficient.

So, while there are many other products available, this specific omega 3 supplement is the one we believe to be the best option. You can ultimately go with any product that you want, but what’s more important is that you are fully educated on the benefits of omega 3?s and how they are crucial components of the human body.

Take some time to think about how you could benefit from these essential fatty acids and then weigh your options before making a decision.

If you decide to go with a different omega 3 fish oil product, we still recommend that you view some of the educational facts they have on their page. A lot of the information they present can point you in the right direction and cover any questions you may have about omega 3 fatty acids.

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