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Anti-Aging Diets: Getting the Facts about an Effective Life Extension Method

No matter what your age might be or how healthy you feel at the moment, anti-aging diets will be playing an important part in keeping you looking great and feeling good.  Antiaging diets have recently come into attention as one of the best ways that a person can really beat the aging process.  If this is the first time that you’ve heard about these diets, or you are simply looking for a little more concrete information, there are some absolutely vital things that you need to know.

One of the first and foremost aspects of anti-aging diets is that of calorie restriction, which is often abbreviated to CR.  Essentially, it involves the idea that by limiting the amount of calories that you consume, and thus by limiting your energy intake, you will be able to slow down the aging process.  After some research, it has been shown that calorie restriction will have several different, beneficial effects on humans.  With calorie restriction, you can see a lowering of your cholesterol level and blood pressure.  Because many experts see heightened cholesterol and blood pressure as marks of aging and the breakdown of the body, the improvement of these symptoms is very exciting.

If you are looking to get involved with anti-aging diets, you’ll find that there is a big difference between calorie restriction and food restriction.  Another way to refer to calorie restriction is to refer to as Calorie Restriction with Adequate Nutrition.  Rather than just removing foods to lose weight, you will be ensuring via this system that you are still getting all the important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your body requires.  This is an important thing to keep in mind; calorie reduction is not the promotion of starvation.  Instead, eating in this fashion encourages you to eat more wisely and to think about what you eat.

One example of a proposed anti-aging diet can be found in eating in the Cretan method.  While this method is not for everyone, many of the main points from this diet can be applied to any type of anti-aging diet that you care to name.  There are a few basics that can be applied to any diet, and you’ll find that with a little bit of thought, you can easily apply it to your own.  For instance, the Cretan diet suggest using olive oil as the main fat and minimizing or outright removing other fats and oils.  Further along the road of calorie restriction, you’ll also find that the Cretan diet suggests using fresh fruit as a source of sugar and staying away from refined sugars and saturated fats.

When you are looking into balanced, anti-aging diets, you should also keep in mind that eating naturally is best for you.  You should remember that red meat should be eaten rarely, and that poultry and fish should be consumed in moderated amounts as should eggs.  One interesting thing you can do is to become what is known as a “locavore” a person who only eats food that is grown nearby.  It will be fresher, and, because it has not had to travel as far, it will have had fewer experiences with preservatives or wax coatings.

How does having a reduced calorie diet fit in with what most people are doing?  Frequently, people eat about two to three pounds of food a day.  One thing that scientists are beginning to encourage is the viewpoint that food is a drug, one that can be used to slow down the effects of aging.  In other words, like a drug, food should be taken only when necessary and taken with care.  While most people don’t care to think in a fashion that is that cut and dried about food (after all, food can be pleasurable and social as well, without having the ill-effects of drugs) this is an interesting idea that you should think about.

If carried out with a view towards nutrition and balance, you will find that the use of calorie restriction can help you slow down the effects of aging without harming the functioning of your body.  Calorie reduction should never make you feel weak, dizzy or moody.  While there may be some adjustment needed, the signs listed there are indicative of malnutrition.  Malnutrition and starvation, though they will bring your weight down, are actually age accelerating.  When you don’t give your body enough fuel, you are forcing it to work harder and age more speedily.  Remember that the maximum amount of weight you should lose over a week is two pounds.  Any more than that and there is a good chance that you are harming your organs and your body.

What are some of the benefits of anti-aging diets and the use of calorie restriction?  Studies have shown that you can enjoy an increased lifespan with a longer period of mental acuity.  No matter how old you are, there is a chance that you will find your learning ability becoming sharper and you can become more alert.  Significantly, calorie reduction can decrease your chance of heart disease and cancer, along with a decreased loss of bone mass, which can help improve your chances of fighting of osteoporosis.

No matter how old you are, there has never been a better time to look into seeing what anti-aging diets can do for you.  Take a look at this important lifestyle change and think about how it can interact with your life.

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