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An Opinion Regarding The Best Anti Aging Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin

As someone who works in the food science field, I often encounter individuals who are unfortunately plagued with acne prone skin. These individuals have terrible time trying to find anti-aging products which will not cause their skin to break out with acne and blemishes. This is a frequent problem with a few possible solutions. Below, I will provide you with a few possible ways to remove those wrinkles, without causing an acne breakout.

A Gentle Cleanser

If you suffer form acne prone skin and have unsightly wrinkles, you’re going to be required to combat two problems at once. Although this does complicate the problem slightly, there is still a solution out there! First, you should do your best to avoid bars of soap and drying cleansers, as these will only escalate the problem. Try to find a silky, effective water-soluble cleanser.

Once you’ve found a reliable cleanser, you should schedule daily cleanings. Use the cleaning product to rid your face of dirt, debris and makeup, at the end of the night. Although this might be a small adjustment, it is one that will provide you with dramatic results.

Exfoliating Products

One of the most efficient ways to clear up breakouts and rectify the signs of aging is to exfoliate the skin! I highly recommend that you utilize a beta-hydroxy acid product. Salicylic acid is extremely effective for those trying to fight off acne. This chemical is capable of cleansing the skin’s surface, while also removing the dirt from clogged pores. By using this product at night, it is almost certain that you’ll notice results, when you awake in the morning!

A Lightweight Moisturizer

Choosing the best anti aging moisturizer for acne prone skin can be tremendously difficult. As mentioned above, I am questioned about this frequently. In order to choose the best product for this type of situation, you need a moisturizer that is capable of hydrating and nourishing the skin. At the same time, the cream should not be thick or greasy, as this will increase the risk of a breakout.

You should make sure to choose a very thin lotion or one with a gel texture. The moisturizer should be crammed full of antioxidants, anti-irritants and softening ingredients. This combination will prove to be very helpful and will combat both problems, at once.

Difficulty of Preventing Breakouts

If you have a history of acne, you know how important it is to prevent breakouts. You may find yourself at a loss, when it comes to anti-aging preventions, since you are worried about triggering a breakout. It is crucial that avoid products that contain harsh ingredients, which can worsen acne conditions. Although it is very important to moisturize, you should stay clear of thick moisturizing creams, because they can clog the skin pores.

Instead you should consider a skin care product that contains a humectant, which is similar to glycerin. Humectant can effectively bind the moisturizer to the skin. To combat aging, you should utilize moisturizing lotions that contain hyaluronic acid, which can help the skin lock and hold onto the moisture. This will not only prevent overdoing it, but it will also prevent breakouts, which is crucial if you suffer from acne. Below, you will find some tips for preventing breakouts.

• Makeup should be acne-friendly
• Wash and change your pillow case regularly
• Consider a more friendly shampoo
• Avoid touching your face
• Choose a laundry detergent, without harsh chemicals and fragrances


Overall, there are numerous ways to rectify the signs of aging, while also preventing acne breakouts! Be sure to use the information above to help guide you in the right direction, when looking for an effective moisturizer.

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