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Albolene: Is it Effective or Just a Scam?

Sometime ago, I decided to use Albolene to remove some of the unwanted cellulite on my skin. This started when I heard some colleagues in my yoga class mentioning that Albolene had helped them get rid of unwanted cellulite on their waist and thighs.

Despite being an individual who would not take anyone’s word, I decided to try the cream for myself. Secondly, I know my body and since am over 50, it has become pretty stubborn and I have to take some cushion in whatever I apply on it….after all, is this not some of the effect of aging?

How to apply Albolene weight loss

After much consideration, I placed an order and went to YouTube where I watched some of the videos on how to apply it for maximum effect.

I was surprised to realize that the method being shown by some of the videos has been there for quite some period now. To use the product, I was supposed to rub it on the areas of the body where I wanted to get rid of cellulite.

After applying, I wrapped my troubled areas with a saran wrap. As I continued using the cream for two weeks, I proceeded with my exercise routines alternating from outdoor walking, walking the treadmill, yoga, Zumba and on rare occasion when I am in moods and when my body allowed it…indoor cycling.

The very first time I used Albolene was slightly difficult and confusing.

This is because I wasn’t sure how much of the cream to apply and how much saran wrap to use. However, after carrying out a number of exercises, I was always discovering that I was soaked and wet throughout the covered area but the saran wrap prevented the moisture from penetrating through the workout clothing I was wearing.

The results

After some days of using Albolene, I discovered some small changes on my lower back area and thighs. As I mentioned, I was applying the cream all the way down to my ankles.

My thighs were definitely getting thinner with the biggest area of improvement being lower and upper waistline. Believe me not, the area is nearly flat with some abs formation that I have never seen before.

Within the first 2 weeks of using Albolene, I discovered that I had lost 4Ibs. This has forced me to give Albolene weight loss cream a thumbs up!

What is Albolene weight loss?

For over a decade now, Albolene has been used as a;

  • makeup remover
  • moisturizing cleanser

that is used to remove stubborn makeup such as;

  • mascara
  • cellulite
  • theater makeup on thighs, waistline and other body areas.

Apart from being a makeup remover, Albolene is being used by some professional athletes and boxers who need to shed the extra pound and meet their weigh-in requirements.

In addition to shedding the extra weight and cleansing the skin, a clinical study published on the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology has shown that Albolene is healthy for the skin and can be used to reduce mild to moderate eczema.

Instead of applying Albolene on the face as usual, dieters and individuals who need to shed their extra pound can apply it to troubled body spots such as;

  • buttocks
  • abdomen
  • thighs

so as to facilitate the release of water weight.

The theory behind Albolene weight loss is that the cream covers the skin forcing heat to build up. Once the heat builds up, perspiration within the skin occurs and as a result, a greater amount of trapped water weight is removed.

Working out with Albolene weight loss

Just because Albolene facilitates the loss of water weight, it does not mean you forget going to the gym or eating healthy diet.

The cleanser is effective if it is used in conjunction with;

  • low-carbohydrate diet
  • high protein diet
  • cardiovascular workouts adding crunches, lunges and punches to your workouts

For best results, apply the cleanser before workout. This is because the cleanser will enhance physical warm-ups and facilitate quick water weight loss during physical workouts.

Research has shown that the cleanser is ineffective if there is no any physical exertion.

How to use Albolene weight loss

First, identify the areas of the body such as thighs, abdomen and waistline that has extra weight.

Measure the troubled spots using a soft, plastic tape measure and take some note before taking Albolene weight loss challenge workout.

After applying the cleanser and covering the area with a wrapper or slimming belt, take some sweat-producing exercises for a minimum of 45 minutes. Continue the process for the next one week.

After one week, measure the troubled body spot and compare with the previous results. Albolene weight loss acts as a blanket covering the skin and preventing heat loss to the environment. This leads to build up of heat leading to constant sweating.

After one week of constant sweating, the troubled spots will have lost enough water weight leading to reduction of body weight.

Side effects of Albolene weight loss

Note that Albolene does not increase body metabolism or stimulate fat burning.

All what the product does is to cause temporary weight loss by increasing the loss of water weight and not fat metabolism. New studies have shown that when the product is used frequently for weight loss, it can pose a health threat.

If you lose too much water you are at a higher risk of dehydration which can result to organ failure and coma. For this reason, it is always important to take some measures when using Albolene for weight loss.

First, use only small amount of the product. Secondly, drink plenty of water before and after every exercise so as to keep your body well hydrated and to flush out toxins too.

Finally, check with your health care provider before embarking on an Albolene weight loss regime. This is important so as to analyze the condition of your skin and the amount of Albolene to apply. In addition, ensure the product you purchase has no fillers and chemicals that may have some profound negative effects to your skin.

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