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3 Giant Ingredients to Look For When Buying an Anti-aging Supplement

Bandits wear disguises do they not? But bandits are pretty obvious due to their masks, you may not be able to see their faces but you know they are the bad guys. But how about counterfeit money, forgeries disguised has true money? They are not so easy to spot or discern.

Did you know that the public is being duped cosmetically by what appears to be the real thing, just like a counterfeit note. Skin care products often contain just enough genuinely good ingredients to be legally allowed to be mentioned on the labeling, but not enough to do you any real good. Like a counterfeit note it appears like the real thing, but like a counterfeit note it is of no real value. These ingredients may be listed as active and be known by the consumer to be expensive and beneficial, but the amount found in the product is almost worthless. The moral of this dilemma is when choosing a product do not get enticed with the ingredients listed on the label without first of all checking out the actual concentrations of those active components.

The three giants in the skin care world are all found in Xtend life products. Here are a few details concerning the big three.

Phytessence Wakame Kelp is usually promoted in health stores for its rich mineral content which is said to be beneficial for one’s hair and overall general health which in part is also due to its rich Iodine content. There is a form of kelp called Phytessence Wakame which blocks an enzyme in your body called hyaluronidase which in turn breaks down the better known skin hydrater, hyaluronic acid. This is good news because hyaluronic acid is required by the skin in order for the proteins elastin and collagen to carry out their work of keeping our skin flexible and youthful. So get Waki with this seaweed! Just Google these terms or check out Wikipedia and you will be surprised as to how important hyaluronic acid really is.


Ok so we need to buy a product which stimulated the growth of collagen, and what may that be, you may ask? How about: Cynergy TK.


We are not going to get too technical about skin; I think most people these days have heard of the ingredient which by nature is manufactured from your own body’s supply of vitamin c.

What is that you may ask, why collagen! Both lines and sags begin when collagen breaks down. Can you see why vitamin c is so important to your diet? Somehow, the miracle inner working of the body converts vitamin c into the fiber collagen, which forms our skin.


Collagen is actually a protein of great strength which produces the elasticity in our skin. So what happens when collagen breaks down? Well there goes your elasticity to be replaced by wrinkles and sags due to a lack of firmness in the skin. You might be thinking that finding the right skin care product is easy, just get the ones with high levels of collagen! Nope fooled again! Collagen when applied topically is a waste of time, its molecules are too big to be absorbed by the skin.

Oh dear we have been skinned again. What you need to find is a product which contains high amounts of ingredients which stimulate collagen growth and are scientifically proven to do so.


The xtendlife skin care range is the best in the market place for such superior quality ingredients. Only buy skin care products which contain ingredients which actually stimulate production of fresh collagen and elastin. Do not buy products which are in reality creams that fill in the cracks and the wrinkles only until the next face wash! Only then will the clock listen to you and begin to roll back!


Cynergy TK, in clinical trials was proved to stimulate not only the growth of collagen but even elastin and may even improve your skins ability to retain moisture! So what are the real facts and figures from such trials? Over 18 days, Cynergy TK improved skin elasticity by 42% and moisture retention over the same period by 14%.


CoQ10 has a Japanese patent which can make it expensive. It is often used by young and old for energy production and for those who have experienced strokes and angina problems, as it delivers oxygen to the heart and stimulates the cells mitochondria to fire up. CoQ10 is also a very powerful antioxidant and hence counters the damage accomplished by free radicals which ages our bodies and our skin. As we get older this vital component of our cells diminishes, hence especially the need for older ones to take this supplement. Though having said that, they are in good company with athletic folk who also take it for energy and to combat free radicals! However, not all things are created equal. Most forms of CoQ10 are useless when applied topically! But there is a form of CoQ10 which can penetrate down seven layers into the skin! This form is called: Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10.


Because of this deep penetration, free radicals are wiped out and you end up wrinkle free. Yes Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 is a wrinkle wrinkle little star in the world of skin products!


Ready for some more great news? Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 encourages collagen and elastin production too! So we have now finished talking about the badies and the uglies which pretend to be goodies and we have also highlighted the genuine goodies themselves.


Can you recap those magnificent goodies? Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. Phytessence Wakame – Exotic Kelp Cynergy TK. These guys are the giants in the real skin care world, which will keep you looking significantly youthful. Now then where can you get hold of these magnificent 3, in an all in one product? They are all to be found in the Xtend life products range of skin care products for women and men.

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