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Although it might seem a little bit fanciful, there are things you can do to erase the visibility of wrinkles under eyes. Unfortunately the appearance of wrinkles under your eyes comes about naturally as you age. Like most skin problems related to getting older in life, all that constant exposure from the Sun plays a big part in ageing your skin. Of course the next big thing affecting the appearance of your skin would be lifestyle choices such as your diet and any unhealthy habits such as smoking.

Nowadays there are many different treatments you can undertake to help reduce the appearance of your under eye wrinkles. If you do a little bit of research on the Internet you will find that many is that range from the all-natural to the surgical. Which treatment is best for you depends a lot on how old you are and how advanced of wrinkles under your eyes are.

Wrinkles Under Eyes Treatments

All natural remedies for wrinkles under the eyes

There are many natural remedies that you can try out in the home for your eyes. One of the most interesting recommendations is to try papaya. What you do is find a fresh papaya and smash it up so that you can apply it like a paste. You can apply this paste directly on the delicate skin under your eyes. How this works is, special enzymes in the papaya fruit and most other fruits contain special chemicals that help to remove a minute level of dead skin and thus encourage a new layer of skin to be formed. This new layer of skin will be much less wrinkly and appear much smoother.

Before you rush off to the store to buy any form of fruit or all natural remedies containing fruit, always be aware that skin irritation might be a real problem. Always test out any new product on a non-visible area of skin to ensure that you do not cause any unfortunate skin irritations to the skin under your eyes.

Bringing out the bigger guns

Preventative and natural remedies can be good for someone who is still relatively young. However, if you already have some deep wrinkles under eyes, then the most effective and quickest treatment is to turn to a medical professional. Just like wrinkles that appear are on any other place of the face, the best way to smooth out wrinkles is actually to plump them up from underneath. By injecting soft tissue fillers into the wrinkles using either collagen or your own body fat, the crease in the wrinkles gets inflated out just like a balloon. Unfortunately any form off soft tissue filler is not permanent. A small amount of fat or collagen gets reabsorbed into your body over time so repeat injections will be required.

Removing wrinkles under the eyes using skin resurfacing

The basic premise of skin resurfacing is to remove the top layer of dead skin to reveal a fresh new layer of younger skin that has less blemishes and wrinkles on it. Similar to using fresh natural ingredients such as papaya there are many man-made products that can help to resurface the skin under the eyes. As the skin around the eyes can be very thin it is important to treat that area very gently. You can either use a chemical peel or a laser to resurface the skin around the eyes in order to make wrinkles less visible. Unfortunately, if you suffer from dark eye circles then removing skin under your eyes may make those even more visible.

Nonetheless the use of peels or laser resurfacing is a well-used technique that helps to remove dead skin, encourage collagen production and bring about a new layer of younger skin that will have wrinkles that are shallower and thus less visible.

Talking to an expert

If you have severe forms of wrinkling under the eyes you may need to consider some form of facial surgery such as a mini facelift. A cosmetic surgeon will attempt to stretch out the skin and tighten the underlying facial muscles in order to reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Getting a mini facelift is probably the most serious form of treatment for under eye wrinkles. Although it can be an expensive option a good facelift will also last you from up to 5 to 10 years.

Preventing under eye wrinkles for the young

The biggest killer of our skin is from the harmful UV rays that come from Sun. These UV rays hit our skin which causes free radicals to surge through our body and thus damage our skin slowly over time. Therefore if you ever head out into the Sun always keep your skin protected. Always use a good sunscreen and wear sunglasses to provide an extra layer of protection over your eyes.

Before you head off to sleep also consider using an eye cream specially formulated for wrinkles under the eyes. Using any eye wrinkle cream that is formulated with retinol as its primary ingredient will help prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. As retinol is a vitamin A product, be aware that this will increase your skin sensitivity to sunlight. Making use of sunglasses and sunscreen even more important.

A very interesting tip that actually comes from the American Academy of Dermatology is to actually change how you sleep. Their studies shows that if you sleep with your face pressed against your pillow over time this will cause the formation of wrinkles on your face. Therefore the best way to sleep is on your back. Although you might not get wrinkles immediately by sleeping on your face if you make this a habit over a lifetime than watch out for wrinkles under eyes.

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