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Which Are The Most Widespread Myths Around Diets?

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The weight loss dieting world is full of sound bites.  But does hearing them thousand times make them it true? Also, is it a smart decision to stay away completely form sugar if we are talking about your diet? Or do alcohol and fat really bad for us if we want to follow some weight loss program? It sounds like these could be an invitation to failure. Few people need a little treat now and then, and the rest can swear off certain foods forever and stick to the oath. There’s nothing wrong with getting a treat once in a while, provided that treats don’t happen every day.  Eating quality food that contains fewer calories than your body needs to maintain its current weight is the main idea of any weight loss diet. The diet should be nutritionally and tasty. In order to make up for the energy, your body has to force to use the accumulated fat, which doesn’t get from food. Banning some types of ingredients and foods is not an option, because if anybody follows such a diet should know that sooner or later she or he will want those ingredients and foods really much, and the old eating habits will come back again.

Also, there is one thing that most of the people should learn – do not put faith into meal replacements, such as: Eat-Smart, Mypoplex or even Slimfast. These kinds of high-protein and low-fat substances cannot replace a proper diet. Using them for more than 4 four weeks in a row is not recommended at all. Everybody knows that calories are important to the body and this point no one could go on for long without getting them. Muscles and internal organs need them to function, that’s why cutting calories out of the long-term nutrition is a huge mistake that some people do. This is not right. A fine option is to use meal replacements for a week or two, as a shock treatment. If you rely on them for more than two months, will get you in trouble. The same refers to single-food diets. For example – the cabbage soup diet. All of them are based on the same idea.

Another widespread myth is the idea that the best approach to weight loss is a low-carb, high-protein diet. The myth came from so called Hollywood slimming industry. Some of the singers and movie stars are on diet like this one. In time, this diet leads to weight loss mainly from water stored in the body, instead of fat, and also strains the internal organs. And also it approach is not exactly good for you because a diet low in carbohydrates and calories forces the body to use existing carbs located in the liver and the muscles. And people should not be so afraid of potatoes, bread and pasta, the leading sources of carbohydrates.

The leading sources of carbohydrates are pasta, potatoes and bread. People should not be so afraid of them. They are even really good options for you, because carbs quell the feeling of hunger without bringing in too many calories. You can eat moderate amounts of bread and potatoes, but remember that if you use sauces and butter on them, this will bring you the unwanted fat. Also naturally the way how they will be prepared should be under your attention. French fries are not a low-fat food. A high-carb, low-fat diet is much better than banning bread and potatoes from your daily meals and it is easier to stick to. Drinking a certain quantity of water every day is a good idea because it keeps the body hydrated and fills the stomach.

You can also try drinking some quantity of water every single day – it is really good idea to fill the stomach and keep the body hydrated. Drinking water does not trigger weight loss. But you have to know that water also keeps the intestines healthy by facilitating the movements of undigested food to the exit point of your body.

There is only one way to lose weight and that is to burn up the existing fat and as you know water can’t do that. Diet should be judged solely by how much weight is lost per week. Frankly, two pounds per week is a lot of weight to lose and you can be sure that not all of it is fat, but also the lean tissue that makes up the muscles and Some people claim that a diet can be considered effective if the weekly loss of weight is above two pounds.

Another myth claims that fat is absolutely bad for you.

Fat is absolutely bad for you – just another widespread myth. Moreover, fat also brings into the body the essential (which means that these fatty acids simply have to be present in your daily food since they play an important role in your health) fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 that cannot be synthesized in the body. Quite on the contrary, the body needs some fat in order to get the important fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K circulating through the cardiovascular system. The recommended dose of fat is 35 % of your daily calories.

In the end comes the idea that a weight loss diet or eating plan is enough in itself and doesn’t have to be coupled with exercising. But you should keep in your mind that exercising is the most effective way of burning up the extra calories stored as fat. Remember that a diet that has plenty of food (the right kind of food) and plenty of exercise is far better than sitting on the sofa and drinking cabbage soup every six hours. Just sitting at your work desk all day long is not going to do the magic, regardless of what diet you’re on.

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