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Whitening Your Skin Should Never Be a Secret

A lot of people take great interest in the subject of skin whitening. In fact, skin whitening products and skin whitening treatments are getting more popular than ever.

According to the World Health Organization, 77% of the women who populate in Nigeria use a skin-whitening product. This number is the highest in the world. The trend is also growing with the rest of the planet.

A lot of women would like to learn how to whiten skin. Skin color is a personal choice, and for some women, a lighter skin would be a great boost to their self-esteem. With good self-esteem, women can be more confident with any aspect of their life from work to socializing with peers.

Although the skin is a big part, some women would prefer to lighten only certain areas of their skin like the knees, elbow and underarms. There are skin lightening products and skin whitening treatments that cater to specific parts of the body. Alternatively, you can choose to whiten skin naturally with herbal or natural products. In fact, it is a better option as it is safer and fewer to zero side effects.

Most women are sensitive to the color of their underarms. The current society tends look at dark underarms as undesirable. Fortunately, there are skin whitening creams that you can apply regularly and easily.

Then there are the elbows and knees. Although not as important as the underarms, but most women would also want to lighten these parts. You can choose to bleach your skin or use whitening creams.

Because a lot of women have a great interest in lightening the color of their skin, you will find no shortage of skin-lightening and treatments in the market.

There are basically two categories of skin whitening products and/or treatments. There are the non-natural and natural products. These skin whitening products may come in skin whitening creams, skin whitening pills or skin whitening soaps. Treatments may come in the form of laser treatments or cryosurgery.

Non-natural whitening products are the ones that are being produced by pharmaceutical companies. Although these products may be created from chemical ingredients, but most of them are approved by the FDA, and getting approval from FDA will take years to be sure that it will be safe for use. Therefore, do not be turned off by FDA skin whitening products from pharmaceutical companies as they rigorously tested for safety use.

If you want to whiten skin using natural ingredients, then natural skin whiteners are the thing for you. Most of these products are not approved to by the FDA since they are from natural ingredients and the administration has no authority over such things. However, most of these natural products and treatments do work when it comes to lightening the color of your skin. Furthermore, it is known that natural-based products are safe with fewer or zero side effects.

To lighten your skin, it is up to you to decide if you want to whiten skin naturally or use FDA approved drugs or treatments. The right answer can only be made by you depending on a few factors like budget, speed and health.

Skin Whitening Products – A Few Popular Ones

Lumi Essence – a skin-whitening product from Sweetsation Therapy. This skin-whitening product comes in a cream form and it is designed to reduce skin darkening and discoloration due to cumulative exposure to the sun. Lumi Essence is hydroquinone-free and the ingredients are mostly from fruit extracts.

Flawless White – a skin whitening cream from Ponds, a world-renowned cosmetic brand. This product is designed to lighten your skin color and also reduces the visibility of blemishes and dark spots. Flawless White is a whitening cream that may be used during the day and it offers UVA/UVB protection from rays of the sun.

Kojie San – a skin-whitening product that comes in the form of soap. It is commonly known to whiten the skin, but it offers other benefits such as reducing acne and reducing the visibility of sun-damaged skin, age spots and other skin pigmentation problems. This soap lightens skin coloration by reducing the concentration of melanin in your skin. It would be advised that some people experience skin irritation after prolonged use of Kojie San.

Porcelain – a skin-whitening product in liquid form. The main active ingredient of the product is hydroquinone, a known ingredient to lighten dark skins and other skin-related blemishes such as brown patches and freckles. 97% of Porcelain is made of natural ingredients. It is paraben-free and has no fragrance.

Skin Whitening Treatments – A Few Simple And Easy Ways

If you are interested to know how to whiten skin, then there are skin-whitening treatments that are worth checking. You can bleach your skin or use ingredients that whiten skin naturally. Below are a few examples of skin-whitening treatments:

Almond – these popular nuts are not only healthy but also work as a great skin whitening agent. Almond is best used in the form of a cream or lotion. Furthermore, almond is known to be rich in Vitamin E, which helps skin retain moisture.

One way to use almond as a skin whitener is to mix almond oil together with olive oil. It is best that you apply the mixture before going to bed. However, just make sure that your skin is clean before you apply the mixture.

You can also create your own skin-whitening cream using almonds. Take 50 grams of almonds, preferably peeled, and add 3 tablespoons of milk, preferably non-fat. Stir or blend the ingredients until it becomes a thick paste. Finally, add a few drops of rose essential oil. You can then apply the mixture to any part of your body you wish to lighten.

Yogurt – this milk by-product is not a well- known to be a skin-whitening agent. However, yogurt contains lactic acid, which is known to be a good natural bleaching agent. As a treatment, you may gently rub the yogurt directly to your skin. Leave it for a few minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Continually using yogurt every day for a few weeks will result to noticeable skin whitening.

A lot of women are very much interested on how they can lighten the color of their skin. Although some people would frown upon the idea, but in the end, it’s a personal preference. If skin whitening provides a good boost for self-esteem, then all for the better. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have gained a few insights about the subject of skin whitening, a few over the counter products and natural skin whitening treatments.

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