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Whey Protein and Weight Loss

A common theme that orators use at commencement addresses is, “things that I wish I would have known.”   The orators will tell about experiences that happened in their lives after graduation, and how they wish that someone would have told them a key piece of advice.  That advice would have saved the person a lot of pain and hardships, or it would have sped them along in their career at a faster pace.  Whatever the advice is, it is something that the orator believes will help people in their lives.

Just as you expect to get career advice from a commencement speaker, when you are looking to lose weight you want to get the best advice possible.  It is difficult to gain the strength to plan out and stick to a weight loss program, and there is not anything worse than not getting weight loss results when you are sacrificing.  For those people that are looking to get the most out of their effort in weight loss here is some good sound advice that people wish they would have known a while ago.

Drink water.  This simple advice is a good way to cut the amount of calories and sodium in your daily diet.  Your body needs water in it to function properly.  If your body doesn’t have enough water then it will start to shut down, and slow down your metabolism.  Metabolism is a key to losing weight.  The higher your metabolism, the more weight you are going to lose.  Water is very important to any weight loss success.  Not only will water help you to burn more of the calories that you eat, it will also help you to eat less.  The body when thirsty will send out a signal that can often be mistaken for hunger. Many times when you feel as if you are hungry in reality you are just thirsty.  Drinking water will cut down on cravings and help you to stick to a healthy weight loss program.  Diet drinks and juices can contain high amounts of sugars, carbonation, and artificial sweeteners; all of which have been shown to decrease the effectiveness of weight loss.  When trying to lose weight a person should drink at least one gallon of water a day.

Learn to harness the power of protein.  Surely anyone that has been trying to lose weight has heard about the Atkins diet; the diet which puts the fear of eating a small apple into people and would rather that they eat meat instead.  There have been countless studies that have approved and condemned this high protein diet idea.  Yet, if you aren’t increasing the protein in your diet you aren’t taking advantage of the chance to increase your weight loss.  The reason you want to increase the protein in your diet is to help your body to build lean muscle.  Lean muscle burns large amounts of calories and helps you to lose weight.  While protein diets shouldn’t be taken to an extreme for health reasons, adding a good whey protein supplement to your diet will help you to create lean muscle.  A proper exercise regimen and whey protein is a winning combination for weight loss.

Don’t skip meals.  If you are starving yourself, then you are doing yourself much more harm than good.  The point of losing weight is to be healthy; if you are starving yourself and skipping meals then you are missing the whole point of weight loss.  You need to think of your body as a factory.  When you provide the factory with resources it will produce results.  You want to give it energy to work throughout the day.  If the body doesn’t have resources it will shut down and won’t produce results.  Just like if you give it too many resources it will store them away for later use.  Finding a good balance will help you to increase your metabolism and loss weight.

These tips are good for anyone who is trying to lose weight.  These are facts that science only now really understands.  If you are going to put in the time to lose weight, then you should try to get the most out of it.

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