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What is The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Line

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With a wide range of anti-aging skin care products available in the market and their aggressive marketing by cosmetic giants, the question is – What Is The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Line? There is the whole gamut of them – from general moisturizers to creams containing exotic ingredients and costing thousands of dollars. In fact, skin care products now constitute an important part of skin care product market.

Almost all anti-aging creams claim that they remove wrinkles, lighten your dark spots and smoothens your skin tone. For instance, Garnier advertises its anti-aging products to have some micro pigments that hydrate your skin and spread evenly to give a good complexion. It combines the functions of an exfoliator, antioxidant and makers claim that it contains Vitamin E also. Chanel says its premium anti-aging skin care product moisturizes your skin inside out to have supple and radiant skin. Yet another brand claims to boost your collagen production. Estee Lauder declares that their product speeds up the cell repair and rejuvenation.

To summarize, anti-aging creams claim to:

• repair & restore skin,
• moisturize the dry skin,
• remove the dead skin cells and
• create an even tone thereby lightening the wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.
• Work as a sunscreen if it is a day cream
• The richer the creamier feel, the easier it is to apply.
• A pleasing fragrance is an added benefit.

So What Is The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Line and what makes them a good anti aging cream?

Now that basics are clear, let us have a look at the ingredients that make the above possible.

AHA and BHA are primarily responsible for giving that well hydrated supple look. Retinol helps in increased collagen production which leads to healthier cells. Vitamin C ensures that you have an even skin tone. It also reduces inflammation. Vitamin E works in conjunction with vitamin C and protects your skin against oxidative damage and collagen damage. Niacinamide improves circulation in skin cells and reduces pigmentation.

Resveratrol is a stable antioxidant vital in protecting skin from sun damage and reducing cell damage. Grape seed and soy extract are other antioxidants commonly found in most anti aging creams and serums. Ceramides bind your skin together- the “skin glue”- helps maintain a younger looking skin. Linoleic acids or phospholipids are fatty acids and the cell communicating agents i.e. they tell the skin cells how to function in a better and healthier way.

That is it. It is the combination of the above ingredients that makes one anti aging skin cream effective as compared to the rest. If the above are present, you can be reasonably sure about the effectiveness of the anti aging cream.
Also, research has shown that the efficacy of these creams depends on the prior condition of your skin. If you haven’t been using anything on your skin so far and start using them, you will see a noticeable change because you have finally started to do something for your skin.

So, don’t be fooled by the fancy labels and exotic names of these basic ingredients. Whatever brand or beautiful packaging they come in, the above constitute the basic ingredients of any anti wrinkle, fine lines, anti pigmentation cream.

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