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What is the best acne treatment for a 14 year old?

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Let’s hear it straight from the 14-year olds on how they deal with their acne problems and how they maintain their skin at an early age.  The responses below show how each of them have developed their own skin care regimen and how their skin is responding to it.

Q:  I am currently using ProActive but it sometimes dries my face out. I don’t have bad acne but i do get occasionally zits/pimples on my face once in a while. Now, my face is breaking out because I think I’m stressed out because my dance performance and my school dance is coming up and i have my high school dance team tryouts all in the same week! What should i use??

Answer 1:  To achieve pimple free skin, you need to work on them from the outside and inside of your body. There are several home remedies that you can use to eliminate them. I would suggest that you drink plenty of water, cleanse your skin with a natural, anti-bacterial soap, and scrub your face with baking soda, lemon juice, and water. Pimples develop when trapped sebum and bacteria partially open to your skin’s surface.

Answer 2: I would also suggest that you try a natural, exfoliating face scrub. No More Shame Acne Eliminating Facial Kit, made by Beauty 4 Ashes, contains 15 acne eliminating essential oils that penetrate your pores and gently lift blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. I haven’t used or seen any product like this before! It is better than Proactiv, which I used for two years.  Since I have been using their products, only rarely do I get a blackhead or a pimple. My scars are also gone and my pores are smaller.  I’m 14, I used to have really bad acne but now it’s clearing up!

Answer 3: I was looking over other answers and definitely it’s toothpaste for me. It will wind up hardening over some of the zits. Only a dab though. And to reduce redness, use eye drops, again, only a little bit. I’m also 14 so trust me I KNOW!

Answer 4: I use toner every night, and i use a quick ten minute clay mask

Answer 5:  Go to walgreens or walmart or something, and get some Dickinsons Witch Hazel Astringent. Works really good!! Get the yellow one…just put some on after washing your face twice a day.

Answer 6:  Neutrogena products work pretty well, and don’t dry out your skin. Actually, toothpaste works pretty well too. I have similar skin as yours, so I wash my face with Cetaphil. It works really well. Stress can cause acne. Also, if you’ve started your period, that can cause you to break out as well.

Answer 7: If Proactive is breaking your face out, try using it only at night or if you already do that, then once every other night. In between nights, you could wash your face with St. Ives (Invigorating) Apricot Scrub before AND after using Neutogena’s advanced solutions Acne mark Fading Peel. This shouldn’t dry your face out any more. if your face continues to dry out, Proactiv has some lotions that you might want to try out.

Answer 8:  Try a apricot scrub. It works the best and dosen’t dry out your skin. I had the same problem and my apricot scrub does the work for me.

Answer 9: I’m 14 and i’ve been using Differin. It works!! you have to wait about a month to see a difference, though. Just ask your doctor, she knows what’s best for you. And my doctor told me that my diet has nothing to do with my acne. Fries and chocolate don’t affect your acne.

Answer 10: Most products will cause drying, so just continue to use what you’re using and allow to fully absorb into your face then just use moisturizers that are non-comedogenic. It’ll get rid of the dryness without interfering with whatever you put on your face.  It’s hard 2 find non-comedogenic moisturizers, so check Oil of Olay first. Hope i was helpful. If not, you can always see a dermatologist.

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