What is an Acne Laser Treatment

Acne laser treatment is a relatively new way of treating active acne as well as removing old acne scars. Laser treatment is available privately in most countries but is not available on the NHS in the UK, but you can find clinics and treatment centers throughout the UK. Acne laser treatment works quite simply. It produces a light which kills acne bacteria and stops infection. As the laser light heats up the skin around the spots, it stimulates the growth of collagen causing this to repair skin damage and boost the healing process.

Generally, acne laser treatment takes about 20 minutes per session for a full facial treatment, longer if other areas are treated at the same time. Most people need to have a course of sessions of acne laser treatment to fully benefit from this process but this will be outlined at the consultation stage and will depend on your skin type and severity of your condition.

Acne laser treatment is painless and does not leave any marks on the skin apart from slight redness which soon fades.

Does Acne Laser Treatment work?

It undoubtedly helps people in the short term but there is a worry that the acne will return after treatment so may be a waste of time and money. It is expensive and only available privately so you will need to make sure that you are attending a reputable clinic that has all correct certification and adheres to safety standards.

Although acne laser treatment has been heralded by some as being an effective cure, medical opinion is divided and there are no figures available to find out how permanent this method of acne treatment is.

Acne laser treatment is also used for treating acne scars. Laser facial resurfacing can be carried out once the acne is no longer active and  is very effective in improving the appearance of old scar damage.

What’s involved in treatment?

Laser facial resurfacing works by removing the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, and encouraging collagen of the second layer or skin, the dermis, to grow. In this way, the top-level scarred tissue is removed and replaced by new skin.

Although laser facial resurfacing will not remove really deep acne scars, it will greatly improve the appearance.

Deep scars can be removed by other methods of cosmetic surgery if necessary.

Is Acne Laser Treatment the solution?

Laser treatment of all kinds, whether teeth whitening, eyesight improvement or scar removal is popular right now. This is a non-invasive painless method of treatment that appeals to many people.

You should be aware that there are doubts as to whether acne laser treatment works in the long term for active acne conditions.

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