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What Causes Acne?

If your skin has been affected by acne, you are most likely wondering what causes acne. That’s absolutely natural because every time we discover that we are suffering from a disease, we feel the need to find out why it happened to us.

I must start by letting you know that acne is a condition that has everything to do with the skin’s oil glands. It’s true that it’s not seen as being dangerous but is still a disease, affecting the quality of our life by leaving behind acne marks. Those marks get the chance to appear when the connection between the oil glands and the pores of your skin no longer functions as it should. In theory, the follicles that connect the oil glands to the pores are always ready to carry the sebum which is produced in order to get rid of dead cells. When those follicles are no longer able to provide a clean path for the sebum, pimples appear. Those pimples tends to lead to acne marks when the follicles besides getting blocked, they also get infected.

However, not all types of pimples are as dangerous. There are actually six main types of pimples. The ones that are most likely to cause acne scars are those known as cysts that you can clearly see on your skin, their interior being filled with pus. This is also a type of pimple that’s very painful.

Most common acne causes

Now that you are familiar with the process that leads to acne, let’s see more specifically what causes acne. Although specialists in the field haven’t yet been able to make a list, they all agree that the main cause of acne is the sudden rise in the levels of androgen produced by our body. Androgen is a hormone that tends to be produced in larger quantities as humans enter their teens. As a result, the oil glands we’ve been talking about grow in size and therefore become able to produce more oil. Because of that, more sebum needs to find its way to the surface of the skin, so the excess starts affecting the cellular walls that define the pores. Throw bacteria in the mix and you’ve found out what causes acne first and foremost.

There have also been studies that have shown it’s possible that acne is genetic. Not to mention that if you take medications based on ingredients such as androgen and lithium, you increase the chances of acne. On the list of what causes acne you should also include certain cosmetics that are pretty greasy which tend to affect those with a more sensitive type of skin. Even pregnancy plays a role in the development of acne because hormone levels change dramatically during pregnancy, and as I’ve mentioned above, hormones and acne are linked.

How to prevent and get rid of acne

But enough about what causes acne. Let’s now see what you can do to prevent and treat acne.

About how to prevent acne, I can tell you there are actually quite a few things you can do. You should start by washing your face twice a day, using warm water and a mild soap especially designed for people prone to acne. You should also avoid scrubbing, a soft cloth or your own hands being more than enough for getting rid of all the residues on your face. It’s also important to keep your skin moisturized, use little makeup (only the products that don’t contain dyes and chemicals) and avoid touching your face all day long. If you are also interested in finding out how to get rid of acne, I can tell you that the possibilities are numerous.

You should start by discovering the best acne cream on the market and work your way up to professional treating acne methods that involve visiting a dermatologist and considering various medications and therapies.

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