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What Are The Best Weight Loss Foods?

As a licensed nutritionist, I am frequently asked about the best foods for weight loss. Although there is more to the question, there are some foods that can prove to be very beneficial. Typically, it is best to accompany the right foods with an appropriate diet. Still, some foods can boost the metabolism. As everyone knows, this helps to burn more calories than normal. So, what are the best weight loss foods? Below, I will provide you with the answer.

Black Beans

Over the years, I have found some foods, which could fall within the super food category. For weight loss purposes, black beans definitely hit the mark. They’re scrumptious and will provide you with 15 grams of protein! Of course, the best aspect of this food is the fact that you won’t have to consume any saturated fat. Finally, there are many tasty recipes that can be pulled off with this ingredient. Some of these will be listed below.

• Black bean veggie burgers
• Southwestern egg roles
• Black bean vegetable soup
• Black beans and rice


This ingredient can be astoundingly beneficial for all, who wish to lose weight. The ingredient is utilized in various foods and is very delicious. The biggest benefit of oats is the fact that they’re crammed full of fiber! Also, a half a cup of oats will give your body around 4.5 grams of resistant starch. This key ingredient will boost your body’s metabolism and increase the amount of calories burned. Below, you will find some of the delicious recipes, which utilize oats.

• Oat dinner rolls
• Scottish oat scones
• Pumpkin oat bran muffins


Frequently, I hear people plead that they want to eat their favorite foods, while losing weight. Fish lovers will be able to achieve this, without much trouble. Salmon should be your choice for fish! The benefit of salmon is the fact that it’ll make you feel full, without increasing your fat intake. So, when you crave fish, you should cook up some delicious salmon.


Citrus fruits have become a huge part of my breakfast menu, because it offers my body so many benefits. Of course, my primary concern at this time is weight loss. Grapefruit can be eaten raw or put into a juicer to create a delicious cold breakfast beverage. Since grapefruit contains insulin hormone properties, it is capable of helping someone cut those extra pounds. With the appropriate exercise routine and three, eight ounce glasses of grapefruit juice, you can lose around 3-4 pounds, within 2 weeks.

• Grapefruit salads
• Grapefruit juice

Raw Apples

While dieting, one will definitely have to work diligently to fight off those hunger pains. The best way to do this is with raw apples, because they contain pectin, which is a form of fiber. Fiber makes your stomach feel fuller for longer periods of time, so you will not need to snack between meals. This alone can help you lose weight, but do not forget the other benefits of pectin. This fiber is also capable of regulating your blood glucose sugar, which can potentially help you keep off those extra pounds.


Now that you know what are the best weight loss foods, you will be ready to start devising that healthy diet and losing weight. Getting into shape will not happen overnight, but with a little hard work and dedication, you will be on your way to becoming a new healthy you.

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