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Weight Loss Diet Comparisons

Nowadays, diets are almost everywhere: in magazines, on TV, on Internet….which makes people think of what exactly are diets, their meaning and which is the right way to get their bodies back in shape. The weight loss industry is growing, thanks to the overweight people, and every year this market is getting bigger and bigger. All you need these days is a smart marketing and idea in order to make a lot of easy money with some really weird weight loss diet, thanks to the best professional expert in this field.

And when we say that there are a lot of diets out there, we mean it. You can see sites offering different kinds of weight loss products and services – all with one mission: to get the best results for their clients. So let’s start with one of the latest fads of the dieting world:

Atkins Diet.  A huge number of people have tried this diet, not to mention the loads of good mail from satisfied customers – largely due to the flood of weight loss articles praising the extraordinary results. The thing that is really interesting about this diet is that allows people to eat high fat dairy products like butter and cheese. Well, it seems that Atkins Diet is a great one, but according to some experiences, this could increase the risk of heart diseases, having in mind that some proved complains with this are: rashes, muscle cramps, weakness and diarrhea. The scientific fundamentals of the Atkins Diet are still raging.

The second one is the Zone Diet. This is another well-known weight loss eating plan and it is Barry Sears’ brainchild, which is all about eating the right mix of foods, just to get the proper hormonal balance. Here comes the name Zone Diet, the state of the balance that allows the body takes some calories and uses the same calories through the day without putting anything aside as fat. But there is something which we should know about this weight loss diet – there is no any scientific basis in this serious discrimination among food. And these foods are not in conflict with the principles of the diet. The Zone Diet has no essential nutrients, and that’s why the high-protein foods are promoted, says the AHA – American Heart Association.

The next one is the Jenny Craig Diet, one of the longest running diets on earth, 1980s are the beginning of this Diet and going to nowadays. The main idea of this diet is all about buying the Jenny Craig prepackaged food, there is no choosing recipes, shopping and cooking, and the price is $100 per week. Also the membership costs, and the fruits and vegetables, that is not included in this product. If you can stick to it and can afford it, this diet can do pretty well work for you.

South Beach Diet comes from sunny Florida. This one has the wrong approach combination down path and the right idea, which means that it works and people do lose weight doing it properly and stick to it. At the beginning of this diet is phase one, which is eliminating the foods that contains carbohydrates from your daily consumption. These phase ends within two weeks. The second phase is focused on a half-hearted return of whole grains and fruits. After getting the desired weight, which takes one year, the time South Beach Diet continues. Just now that if you do not like the foods, which this diet gives, then you won’t like it, and there are no “back doors”.

There is one more widely promoted dieting program – Weight Watchers, a veteran in dieting field. And to be honest with you, this diet is one of the best out there, because all the management tools are in the hands of the user who’s doing it. If you are really into losing weight, the information you should need is in front of you.

Now you see that there are a huge number of diets, dozens more than we have not been able to mention, according to this short weight loss diet review. We recommend before doing any kind of diet, make a research as much as possible, learn from the people, who have already been through this, after that, visit doctors and dietitians and see what they will say about it. Still, pay special attention to what the doctors have to say. If they tell you a certain diet will put your body to risk then think twice before trying it. Between those singing praises and those trying to prove the diet wrong you can probably get the truth yourself.

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