Water Diet – Is It Worth Trying

Extensive studies on apparent weight loss effects of water has shown that drinking lots of water, eating more fruits and vegetables or consuming water-rich foods that have reduced energy density can facilitate constant weight loss. Both theoretically and practically, this has been shown effective. This is because individuals who decide to rely only on losing weight with water tend to consume more fruits and vegetables. To one side, this has some benefits since the body is provided with vital vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that boost the body immunity and functionality. On the other hand, eating a diet that is full of water means the body will have reduced energy. This will trigger a metabolic shift that will cause the metabolism of the stored fat so as to replenish the depleted body energy stores. On the process, constant weight loss will be triggered.

Science behind water diet

The basis of losing weight with water is replacing high energy giving food with plenty of water. When cold water is ingested, the body temperature will slightly decrease. This will trigger a homeostasis process so as to restore the temperature levels. To restore the homeostatic levels, the body will be forced to burn the extra calories so as to provide sufficient energy that will heat the water up to the desired temperature. The colder the water is, the more calories will be burned. In the process of burning the calories, the body metabolism will burn the stored fat so as to replenish the energy levels. This will lead to weight loss.

In addition, drinking water before meals and in between meals will create a sense of fullness to an individual within the diet plan. This will make such individuals to eat less food. Eating less food will mean fewer calories in the body and this will immediately trigger a metabolic process which will burn the stored fat for energy. In addition to facilitating constant weight loss, drinking plenty of water will also help the dieter or any other individual to flush out toxins accumulating in various body tissues. This will mean better heath.

How water diet works

Water diet plan involve drinking 64 oz of cold water with or without foods throughout the day in addition to the normal fluid intake such as tea or fruit juice. The water recommended for this diet plan can be bottle water, tap water or from any other source as long as the water is safe for drinking. However, the plan discourages chewing of ice cubes so as to balance the water intake levels. It also does not alter the forms of meals or portion size one eats. Here are some of the steps followed during a water diet plan:

1-Drink plenty of water throughout the day:  Consuming plenty of water throughout the day can make one feel full without consuming snacks and other high energy giving food. This will mean less energy in the body a good signal that will trigger metabolism of the stored fat so as to balance the energy levels. This will eventually lead to weight loss.

2-Drink water before having meal:  Drinking water before a meal will make a dieter full and this will mean consuming less calories. Research has shown that drinking a glass of water before or after a meal can speed up weight loss and aid digestion.

3-Replace sweetened drinks with water:  Other than drinking alcohol, sodas, smoothies of high energy giving beverages, grab a glass of water. This will reduce the amount of energy in the body forcing the body to metabolize the stored fat.

4-Follow recommended short water detox diet:  Water diet plans like sassy water anti-bloat diet jumpstart can significantly facilitate constant weight loss and flushing out of toxins from the body. The advantages of such water diet programs are that they typically promote consumption of foods that are naturally high in water. Such foods include leafy green vegetables, soups and watermelon. Such foods will not only reduce the amount of energy in the body, but they will supply the body with essential nutrients which will keep one healthy.

How to follow a water fast diet

1-Try and replace a single meal with water: If it’s your first time, prepare your body for the challenges of missing meals. Consider missing a lunch and instead just drink plenty of water.

2-Try 24 hour water fast:  Before embarking for full day water fast, prepare your body for 7 days and remove foods and those drinks that are high in fat, sugar and caffeine. Instead, replace such unhealthy foods with fresh produce, salads, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. In each and every day of preparation, drink plenty of water until your body adjusts to consuming a minimum of half-gallon each day.

3-Consider herbal supplements:  Although water diet does not allow the use solid foods and sweeteners during the water fast diet, it is important to prevent water intoxication by taking herbal supplements that will balance the electrolytes levels.

Health risks associated with water diet

Despite the fact that you can lose weight once you follow a water diet, the risks posed by the program can be serious. Irrespective of rushing to the bathroom frequently, the total absence of food during water fast can lead to fainting, weakness and even dizziness. However, the water diet plan can be very effective if used alongside moderate exercises and consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Additional wonders of water diet

Apart from increasing your metabolism, cold water can make you feel fuller throughout the day. This can ultimately facilitate weight loss. Some additional wonders of losing weight with water include:

1-Water boost your body energy:  Dehydration makes one feel depleted and drained. To restore your body energy, drink plenty of water since it will increase the heart activity increasing the flow of blood carrying nutrients and oxygen to various body cells.

2-Lower stress:  When the body becomes dehydrated, mind and entire body become stressed. To lower stress, drink plenty of water at different intervals throughout the day.

3-Build muscle tone:  Drinking lots of water will lubricate the body joints and prevent muscle cramping. In addition, when your body is well hydrated you will be able to exercise for longer.

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