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Vitamins that Protect and Make the Skin Look Young

You may have the best diet in the world and eat your fair share of fruits and vegetables daily. However the reality is most people just don’t get enough vitamins in their diet. Of course a well-balanced diet is important however there is no way that all the vitamins that you eat will find its way to all the troublesome spots on your skin efficiently.

This is where topical cream comes in; have you ever thought about applying vitamins directly to your skin? Vitamins for skin can help reverse the signs of ageing and improve the tone and texture of your skin while even helping to fade those dark eye circles under your eyes.

Vitamin A

One of the most popular vitamins for skin, Vitamin A is commonly found in most of the lotions and creams that you can buy. Most of these products are very useful in helping to reduce the disability of wrinkles and help even to fade those age spots and help to smooth the overall appearance of skin.

Vitamin A products are also known as retinoids. However you must be careful, (as most people who start using it can attest to) for first time uses your skin will react to the retinoids with some local irritation. Skin will be slightly red and may even scale flake for a week or two from initial use.

Most of the products that you can buy from shops are generally pretty mild because they use retinol which slowly turns into retinoic acid over time. If you are new to vitamin A product than it is advised that you start off by using the product every other night and buildup to using it nightly once your skin has gotten used to it.

Vitamin B3

Another popular vitamin for skin ingredient found in a lot of lotions and creams but you will find this one written as niacinamide on the packaging.

This vitamin is known to be helpful to increase your skin’s natural production of ceremides and fatty acids. These two key components form the outer protective barrier of your skin. Once you improve the outer barrier of your skin, it is able to retain its moisture easier and help to repel irritants, which makes a very good vitamin for those with overly dry or sensitive skin.

An interesting side effect of vitamin B3 is that if you use it with a retinoid it will help to reduce the irritation from the vitamin A derivative and at the same time it won’t reduce the effectiveness of each other.

Vitamin C

This vitamin for skin is the great all-rounder. Vitamins C works a little bit differently as it is a antioxidant that helps to clean up free radicals that are known to cause wrinkles and other ageing related skin problems. Over time vitamin C will help your skin to retain its smooth and firm texture for longer and well even help to smooth out brown spots.

Vitamins C also helps to promote your skin’s natural production of collagen which you need to maintain healthy and firm looking skin.

Vitamin C compliments vitamin A as vitamins C works by reducing the effects of free radicals of vitamin a helps to promote skin renewal working differently but together to provide the best form of defense and repair for your skin.

Vitamin E

Commonly found in most sunscreens and skin moisturizing products make sure the product has at least a 1% concentration throat to be truly effective.

Vitamin E is a great natural moisturizer that helps to reduce the problems associated with overly dry skin. Similar to vitamin C it also has great free radical neutralizing properties. Although not a substitute for a good sunscreen, for skin that has been sunburnt it has been found that vitamin E reduces redness, drying and swelling.

Vitamin K

Commonly only found in under eye creams together with retinol products is vitamin and helps to lighten the appearance of dark eye circles. There are many causes of dark eye circles but the small capillaries under the thin layer of skin under your eyes are prone to leaking blood into the surrounding area. Products with vitamin K help to control this phenomenon by controlling how the blood clots.

If you use a vitamin K cream daily than you should expect visible results after four months of use. Combine this with a good retinol cream, which helps to bolster the thickness of skin under the eyes and thereby making it harder to see the dark blood vessels below, you have a good product that seems to work very well for lightening the area under the eyes.

Products Containing Vitamins for Skin

There are many good products out there that you can buy over the counter. However there is no all in one cream, you will need to read product ingredients carefully to find couple of products that complement each other.

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