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I’m not heavy, but I’ve been wanting to shed off about 5 to 10 pounds for the last year now. The problem was I was just too lazy. Well I finally got my act together and started walking an hour a day and eating better. After about a week of doing this (at this time I had shaved off about 1 or 2 pounds) my slightly overweight boss told me about Alli and how he had been using it for about a week and he already felt a couple pounds lighter. My first thought was sure, if this can double the speed of my weight loss i’ll do it. So I quickly went out to a local Kroger to pick up the 60 capsule starter kit. I read the info that came with it that night and started taking the pills the next morning before every meal.

The first 2 days I didn’t notice any kind of side effects. I thought all the reviews I read on the web were from people who ate nothing but junk because I was eating decent and nothing happened. Well on day 3 after I had my cereal/pill combo in the morning, within minutes I felt kind of gassy and I passed it as usual. Later, when I got up, the inside of my pants felt greasy. Was I sweating? No, something much worse. Apparently I had passed the 1/4 fat that Alli blocks. Apparently it took about 3 days to finally hit me with the side effects. Needless to say I quickly threw my clothes in the washing machine and took a shower.

The stuff sure is sneaky… I had no idea that’s what was going on down there until it was too late. I’d suggest anyone who has a hard time controlling their gas to not take this pill in public as you may be in for some embarrassment. As for me, I now know to hold everything until I get home. The bright side is that I’ve lost more weight since I started this pill and it seemingly works great other than these nasty side effects. The funny thing is that I eat mostly lean meats, wheat bread and Swiss cheese since i started my diet and I still get the side effects. I can’t imagine the mess if I took one after eating Pizza or cheeseburgers.  A weight-loss pill that actually works, and embarrasses at the same time.  (MORE THAN JUST A PILL   August 2, 2007 Lovinya Jean, Timberlake, NC)

Well… I almost NEVER leave reviews, but this is important! I’ve been on the “My Alli Plan” for 5 1/2 weeks and have lost 19 1/2 lbs. You DO have to work the program, it is not magic and not an appetite suppressant. I have lost 65-70 lbs. three times in my life, all on low carbs. Problem is I can’t live the rest of my life with limited carbs, so I have gained it back every time. The solution- with a low calorie and low fat diet, you WILL lose weight and really you can have ANYTHING you want! Just count the grams in your daily allowance.

O.K. about Alli, MORE THAT JUST A PILL, with a purchase you go online and register your product code in your pack. I registered the 90 pill starter pack and I received 90 days of online support, with EVERYTHING you need (as far as tools and information) to follow the plan. If you were to join an online weight loss plan such as Weight Watchers it would cost $65.00 FOR 3 months. So you get that free with ALLI, which is a $65.00 value in itself (which in a way, pays for the pills, mine were $60.00 + tax). They have a meal planner, a food log, a recipe lookup, a water log, a weekly weigh-in, a calorie and fat counter, an activity log listing calories burned, an automatic tally of what you consume, a weekly plan, with guidance for the next step, and a message forum to talk with others (the buddy system). Sure there is more, but I can’t name them all.

All that said, Personally I do NOT space the fat evenly between 3 meals, or limit the fat to the recommended 19 grams per meal, Sometimes I eat 40 grams of the 60 I’m allowed in a day, at 1 meal! I take the pill with the meal, and I have had NO TREATMENT EFFECTS. The only difference in the way I “go” is that I do go every morning after my 1st cup of coffee; it is softer than before, but NEVER runny or uncontrollable; and never an upset stomach or “go cramps”.

I think honestly, that the online support plan & useful tools it provides, is worth MORE than the price of the pill. So even if you are one who does not like the pill, for whatever reason…you still get a value with the “My Alli Plan” website. Furthermore…it teaches you how to follow a plan and what you can eat, and what to substitute for your cravings, that you CAN live with for life.  If you fall off, don’t think it’s over, get back on! Enjoy, eat healthier, and live long! –Jean

Alright so check it out – everyone seems to jump right on their computer like the next day after starting these pills and write a scathing review about how the product either doesn’t work or causes catastrophic “treatment effects.”  If you read the literature accompanying Alli, you will find out that there are certain measures you should be taking both before you start the pill and obviously throughout the time that you use the product.  If you just binged on fast food and foods with high fat content and then start taking the pill the next day, bad things will probably happen.  And let’s be realistic, 2 or 3 days is not enough time for your body to shed drastic amounts of weight, no matter how fast we want it to go away.  There are about 3500 calories in a pound, so keep that in mind and don’t get discouraged.

I’ve been on Orlistat for the full 20 days that the starter pack allots for and I’ve lost 10 pounds.  I weighed 208 when I started, I’m now 197.  I had been dieting casually and hitting the gym hard for the previous two or three months and had lost weight (started at 236 in early May) but began to hit a plateau where I was seeing only about 2 pounds being shed every couple of weeks.  So, losing about 11 pounds in such a short amount of time with roughly the same diet and exercise program has proven to me that this pill does make a difference, and about exactly what it says it does – 50% more weight.

However, you must play around with your diet.

While I was taking in about the same amount of calories (1800/day) as I was before starting Alli, I had to adjust the fat content so that I was taking in MORE fat.  This is the key to losing the weight.  The medicine works by blocking about a third of the fat your body absorbs from the food you eat, so if you are eating only 3 grams of fat with a reduced calorie meal, (like some of the people on here eating only like lettuce and reduced fat wheat bread) the pill won’t have much of an effect, and doesn’t that make sense?  For example, instead of eating a plain sub with turkey and vegetables that has only about 5 or 6 grams of fat, I add cheese and low fat dressing and maybe baked chips to bring the total to about 15 grams of fat, thus making the pill more effective.  However, YOU STILL HAVE TO STAY WITHIN YOUR CALORIE TARGETS FOR EACH MEAL, for me about 400 to 600.  All unused calories that aren’t burned off as energy will be stored in your body as fat for energy later, so try and take in what you need to sustain yourself throughout the day, using an analogy equating your stomach to a gas tank in a car being 1/4 to 3/4 full.

So, if you’re willing to do some experimenting with your body (yeah, we all get the treatment effects now and then and it is best to take the advice of the other people on here and get to a bathroom no matter what) you can benefit greatly from Alli.  And another thing about the treatment effects, you will be disciplined to make the right choices more often when using the pills but for those times when you can’t find it in you to turn down something naughty, don’t take the pill with what you’re eating.  The bad food will probably still catch up with you as a result of the Orlistat already in your body, but it won’t be as bad.  And the treatment effects really aren’t the hellish nightmares that I even thought they would be when I began.  Just be responsible.

Read the material, exercise, and eat the right foods at the right times.  It’s all the ABC’s of eating healthy basically; you’re just adding a catalyst that is safer than other caffeine-pumped weight loss aids that can land you in the hospital.  (Read the instructions, use logically, it works   August 3, 2007R. MacNeil)

This is not going to make you look like Paris Hilton by tomorrow.  If that’s what you’re looking for, see a psychiatrist rather than an endocrinologist! This is not going to keep you from being hungry.  There’s plenty of junk on the pharmacy & “herbal supplement” store shelves for that. What it will do, is mitigate some of the fat you eat.  If you have an extremely low-fat diet, it will do nothing for you.  If you have an extremely high-fat diet (i.e. an American), it will do lots.

My credentials:  I’ve been taking doctor-prescribed Xenical for a several years now.  I’ve recently switched to Alli, because it is the exact same chemical ingredient (Orlistat) at exactly half the dose, and is significantly cheaper.

My results:  When I started, I weighed 320 lbs.  I now weigh 240.  Now, I can’t give all that credit to Alli, because in the two years it took me to lose the 80 pounds, there were numerous other factors to consider.  Mostly, changes in my medication for type 2 diabetes.  But the important point is, there was no change in diet or exercise over that period.  Makes it a pretty good success story in my book.

Point 1– All of the other diet drugs fall into a couple of categories.  One of which is the “appetite suppressant” group.  Means nothing to me, because I’m never fighting my appetite.  I eat well (and, according to two diabetic dieticians, appropriately) so I seldom get so hungry I have to binge.  I understand the phenomenon, (on the rare occasion I miss two meals in a row, I’m ready to main-line Sugar Pops) and feel truly sorry for those who experience constant hunger, but Alli won’t help that.

The second group is the “Metabolism Stimulants”.  You want to take “uppers” to lose weight?  You deserve everything that happens to you.  It’s not for me.  And Alli won’t help you with that, either.

The point is THEY ARE ALL DRUGS, by definition.  They enter the bloodstream and work on some chemical or organ in some way.   Problem is, you expose every cell in your body to every one of them.  Side-effect galore.

Alli is not a drug.  It never leaves your gastro-intestinal tract.  Pie-hole to Hershey highway, no destructive stops along the way.  The so-called side-effects are identical to the effects of particular foods.  Sure, they are real, and maybe you can’t live with them, but it’s nothing compared to the potential damage from the other drugs & herbs.

So the point is that this food additive stands alone as a non-drug alternative to weight loss.  If you’re like me and are plagued by half the side-effects listed of about every drug on the shelf, then this (and insulin) won’t hurt you.

Point 2– This will mitigate a high-fat diet to some degree.  Literally can’t live without some bacon in the morning?  Some animal must die for you have eaten well?  Think of butter as a beverage?  Well, stage one is “don’t eat like that”.  Once you determine that your quality of life is more important than the advice of the putz from stage one, move on to stage two.  Alli’s whole deal is to simply bind with the fat you’ve eaten and pass it through.  So with no change in your diet, you’ll be eating less fat.  Period.  It’s tough to imagine a scenario where reducing the fat in your diet isn’t a good thing.  (Fat soluble poisons collected in your system?  You’re already Paris Hilton?  Macrobiotic?  O.K., then move on.  Everyone else, line up.)

Point 3– As I said before, the side-effects do exist.  With practice and good sphincter muscle control, you will be able to skywrite.  Six-hour staff meetings are a thing of the past.  In the worst cases, keep a spare pair of BVD’s handy.  (That one’s right from the manufacturer.  Believe them.)

Basically, if you’ve ever had a bowl of my chili, you’ll be fine.  If you’re fastidious about your “number two” habits, you might want to give it a miss.  Oh, and don’t miss a day.  I believe the ballistic equivalent would be called a “sabot”.  I won’t go into further detail here.  Just trust me.

So, to summarize:

  • It won’t help you with your appetite.
  • It won’t affect your metabolism.
  • It will remove some amount of fat from your diet.
  • It will give you the green apple quick step.
  • It will help with diabetes. (Lowered my average blood sugar by 50 points!)
  • It will take time to lose weight. (But hey, I should be the “Jarod” of Alli.  It does work.)
  • It will lighten your wallet.

(An Honest Testimonial, March 5, 2008 by psue-psue-psuedonym (Leawood, KS United States))

Okay i read all the reviews, and agree with some that the “treatment effects” are disgusting. But hey, as a woman who desperately needed to shed 20 pounds,  they didn’t bother me. I was on Alli since the first day it came out back in June 2007 and I didnt notice any changes for the first couple weeks. Well about 2 months later people started saying i looked slimmer so i got on the scale, I LOST 11 POUNDS…i was so excited. I started at 165 and was 155. I am a nurse so i started doing research about Orilast which is the active ingredient in Alli and realized that the prescription strength was double of what the over the counter strength was so i started to take 2 pills with every meal. More expensive but OH MY how it made wonders. I lost 9 more pounds in a month. I got down to 146 which for me and my frame was satisfying. I currently am on my last bottle now since i have lost a total of 23 pounds and realize that i will not need them anymore because i know how to maintain weight i just had problems losing it. I hope this helps all the people who want to start it. If you really need to lose weight it works GREAT. it has changed my life and made a happier, thinner person.  (It really works!!   November 25, 2007Destiny Carter (Racine, WI))

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