The Use of Steroids in Body Building

Performance enhancers go back as early as the first Olympic games of the ancient world were held. Notes were preserved confirming that some athletes used different herbal preparations as well as experimented with only red meat diet. Some went as far as eating raw sheep or goat testicles in search for top athletic performance.

Though steroids were first discovered in the 1930?s they did not become a major factor in sports until the fifty-two Olympic games that were held in the capital city of Finland Helsinki. It was the first appearance of Russians on the Olympic games and thanks to anabolic steroid supplementation they became the dominant nation in all strength related sports. Their dominance further developed two years later on the world weightlifting championship where they took home most of the gold as well as silver and bronze medals. The Russians were allegedly using different forms of testosterone; enanthate, cypionate, propionate or testosterone suspension. Other medications that are popular today; anavar, winstrol, clenbuterol and deca durabolin came into play at a later stage. Due to the cold war in its full swing USA athletes had to retaliate and that is how Dianabol – methandrostenolone was born. Dr. Ziegler was the head of medical staff for the USA Olympic team and he is to this day considered as father of modern anabolic steroids. Sport in past and even more today is all about performance, the pie is only given to those at the very top, with only few bread crumbs left for the rest. Along with reaching one’s potential and delivering top performance; being faster, stronger, pushing the bar higher, there are also other concerns, prevention of injuries, faster recuperation and rehabilitation, better and faster healing and possibility of lengthening one’s sports career. The public wants to see modern day heroes achieving exceptional results and all of that hype converts to higher earnings for the athletes, as well as those in the background from owners of clubs, managers, trainers, event organizers, organizations, advertisers. In short the whole nation benefits from record breaking achievements, with the fact that they are being achieved with the help of sustanon, trenbolone or anadrol being low on the priority list.

Dianabol or chemically methandrostenolone was the first steroid made in the USA and first steroid that was not a straight testosterone. Dianabol proved very effective with American athletes regaining good ranks in strength related events and successfully rivaling the Russians. Others noticed this and East Germany was the country that took it to the next level with administering testosterone to the complete Olympic team, males and females. The East German performance enhancing program resulted in East German athletes winning many gold medals in decades to come. Many other drugs were experimented with from alcohol to cocaine, nitrogliceryne or even strichinine, though no other compound to date has proved near as effective as anabolic steroids. Because top placings and breaking records along with turning that into money is all the professional sports are about anabolic steroids use fast became very wide spread. By the end of the sixties the sportsmen were able to live off their sport only, which made them even more willing to take synthetic male hormones and their derivatives. Ban on anabolic steroid use in sports came from moral and ethics rather than health concerns. With research going the way of reaching best result with fewest possible side effects preferably undetected by ever spreading testing, anabolic steroids became more and more sophisticated with nandrolone decanoate – deca durabolin and methenolone enanthate – primobolan depot being introduced. Competitive bodybuilding also became a very popular sport in the 1970 with actors like current governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone being the role model for spreading anabolic steroid use in the community through major Hollywood motion picture releases. Hollywood movies helped spread cosmetic anabolic steroid making it a worldwide phenomenon. Anadrol, anavar, deca durabolin became hosehold names and use has spread to high schools, though the use has been relatively steady in the last 2 decades and does not seem to spread further.

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