Treatment and Management of Diabetes

Researchers at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, have found out that smoking has expanded the range of diseases. Apart from causing cancer and heart diseases, diabetes has also fallen in the smoking-related diseases’ category. Doctors at the School of Medicine had conducted a study to compare the development of diabetes in smokers and non-smokers, where 25% of the participants, who smoked developed diabetes in the five year follow-up. Well, if guys don’t quit smoking, at least now diabetes is there to give them backup.

The World Diabetes Day gives more emphasis on foot care this time. Diabetes linked to kidney failure, blindness and other complications but foot ulcers remains to be a crucial problem. About 40-70 percent of leg amputations are cases of diabetes. Therefore the slogan this year is “Put Feet First: Prevent Amputations”. It is always better to check what your condition is: hyper or hypoglycemic condition, as both can cause an amputation.

Well, there is no strict dietary regimen for a diabetic; he only needs to cut down on refined sugars, saturated fats, and carbohydrates. There is absolutely no problem in taking up healthy fats like Omega 3 fatty acids, complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains as they are slow in releasing glucose in the body. Apart for eating healthy, a diabetic should set a routine for his daily intake of foods. Thanks to the Diabetic blog for suggesting a couple of tips for the diabetic patients. After being diagnosed as a diabetic, it is better to consult a dietician and change lifestyle, thereby regulating weight and glucose levels in the body.

A recent research at the US Dept of Agriculture showed that tea increased insulin activity to 15 folds. Anderson and his colleague Marilyn Polansky took fat cells of rats in a test tube as fats are highly sensitive to insulin, then they treated it with radioactive sugar, insulin and tea extracts. They found that the extracts boosted insulin activity and this boost led the cells to convert the sugar. The chemical epigallocatechin gallate aids insulin boost. Therefore, it is good to have black tea without sugar as a milky tea would restrict the insulin boost activity.

It will be difficult for the diabetics to cherish the delicacies in the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. But the idea of that a low carb, diet is a myth is unacceptable. Yea, in case you mean that if the diabetics stick to a low carb diet for now and later on goes without it, once they are all right, I would agree to you. However, a diabetic cannot afford to eat a proper thanksgiving turkey and Christmas pies…that would be piling up enough for a diabetic stroke in two months. Therefore, Cindy it is definitely about forgoing the things a diabetic loves, and cooking yummy health foods in the Thanksgiving dinner, and dining with the diabetics to make them feel special.

The injection Byetta is used to cure Diabetes. A recent discovery shows that lizard spit contains a hormone, that is not secreted properly with patients suffering from type-2 diabetes. Therefore, scientists have created a synthetic version of the spit of the poisonous Gila monster to inject into the diabetic people. The diabetic patients of Saint Vincent have already received the medications and some are showing a rapid improvement. While this can be a possible cure for Diabetes type 2 and a supplement for insulin, more research and clinical trials have to be taken before prescribing the drug on a large scale. This is what I call poison treating poison.

New research says that premenopausal women with type 1 diabetes are likely to be more susceptible to osteoporosis than non-diabetic women. These women exhibited lower bone density and more fractures than women who did not have diabetes, the study found. This happens even though those with diabetes were more likely to take bone-active osteoporosis medications and vitamin D supplements. Compared to less than a quarter of those who did not have diabetes, one-third of premenopausal women (ages 35-55) with type 1 diabetes are reported having a fracture after age 20, the researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found. Women with type 1 diabetes also exhibited substantially lower bone density in the hip, heel bone and overall.

Those diabetics who have to force themselves on beans this Thanksgiving, better get up and make your way to make some turkey. About.com presents a very healthy turkey recipe for those suffering from diabetes. This time the turkey stuffing seems yummy to me. Just stuff your turkey with mustard, thyme, sage and chives. You have to be a bit careful with the turkey following the safety intructions lest you lead  yourself to food poisoning. After stuffing push it into the oven and your Thanksgiving turkey is ready to be gorged with pleasure.

The increase in the number of patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes has garnered the attention of doctors of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. With the rising number of cases of diabetes it may become an epidemic. Mostly non- commissioned officers, older officers and retirees have been detected with Type 2 diabetes at Landstuhl. The people here are suffering from American habit of taking a high fat diet which has resulted in obesity among retired people. Diabetes is closely associated with age, diet, race, weight, exercise and lifestyle.

The European commission has approved a form of insulin which needs to be inhaled rather than injected. The insulin named Exubera would be used for treating adults suffering from Type I and Type II diabetes. It is in the form of a fast acting dry powder formulation of human insulin which needs to be inhaled into the lungs through the mouth before meals using a handheld device. A study was carried out on over 2,500 adults suffering from diabetes over a period of twenty months regarding the effectiveness and safety of Exubera. A significant milestone has been achieved in the world of medicine as till now insulin was only administered using injections. It would be a boon for patients who up till now were reluctant to take insulin via injections. The drug would not fully replace injections as still many patients would have to be administered insulin using injections. The drug will be manufactured by Pfizer in association with Nektar Therapeutics.

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