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Top 10 Anti-Wrinkle Foods to Include in Your Diet


Walnuts are included in our anti-aging and anti-wrinkle foods list. They have excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Walnuts contain omega 3 fatty acids, polyphenols and antioxidants, which protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals and also enhance communication and interlinking between our brain cells.

Walnuts have been properly described as being able to stop and even reverse the motor and cognitive deficits that are related to brain aging, a fact that was observed in a study performed on rats. The amount of walnuts you would need to eat as part of your anti-aging foods list to potentially gain the same benefits is one to one and half cups everyday.

Walnuts are a great anti-wrinkle food.


According to a well-known anti-aging expert, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, zinc (which is abundant in turkey) helps maintain the body’s collagen in a youthful state and it is important in the body’s cell division processes. Zinc also fights off infections and helps wounds and skin infections heal faster.

While turkey is an excellent source of zinc, sunflower seeds are an excellent source of zinc also if you are a vegetarian.


Blueberries possess anti-aging qualities because of their role in brain inflammation processes. They have also been said to reduce the rate of aging while also decreasing or delaying degenerative diseases. This was documented in experimental research where rats were fed diets supplemented with blueberries everyday for one month.

After the month of supplementation, dopamine recovery within the brain was observed to be enhanced.

Dopamine is a chemical substance within our brains that’s responsible for controlling our movements, emotions and pain and pleasure responses.

Blueberries have been proved over and over again to be excellent anti-aging foods.

Soy Products

Soy products, particularly soy nuts, are well known for their ability to reduce uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause, which normally occurs in middle aged women during their late 40?s or early 50?s.

Soy products, which are high in isoflavones, are especially known for helping women with most common, unpleasant menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings.

Soy beans are great for anti-wrinkle.

Whey Protein

As people age, their muscle mass begins to decrease at about 1 percent every year. This reduction in muscle mass leads to additional problems including lower metabolism, loss of balance and coordination and so on.

Whey protein isolate is a ‘miracle’ by-product of milk, which when combined with strength-training exercises, can do amazing things to reverse this aging process. You can use whey protein as part of your anti-aging and anti-wrinkle foods list by adding it into a smoothie and mixing in some blueberries (another member of our anti-aging foods list), and you’ve got a super healthy anti-aging combo!

You may buy whey protein powder at most grocery and health food stores.


Coffee often gets a bad name, but it is more useful in anti-aging than most people know. The real problem with coffee is what is put into it, i.e. cream and sugar.

Some research has suggested that coffee drinkers have a lower chance of dying from heart-related diseases.

Do you need another reason to enjoy a cup of coffee and add it to your list of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle foods? Well, it’s been found that it may also reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease and type 2 diabetes.

Coffee – great for your heart.


Most people make a huge mistake in not eating enough fiber. Oats are a superb way to get a fill of this essential nutrient.

Because fiber is easily filling, it also helps with the feeling of fullness that helps prevent overeating and excessive weight gain. You can eat this healthy treat in an almost unlimited combination of your favorite fruits, vegetables and nuts. You may also drizzle olive oil over it, another excellent anti-aging food.


This leafy green is packed full of essential nutrients.  Another great thing about spinach is that it is easy to add to a meal, for example in pasta, scrambled eggs, salad, and even drinks such as smoothies.

Spinach is a very good source of lutein, which is also known to have strong anti-aging properties. Spinach is great as an anti-aging food.


Research has shown that cinnamon likely decreases the post-meal insulin spike. Generally, the more controlled the spike is, the less likely a person is to store body fats.

Use cinnamon as an anti-aging food by sprinkling a quarter-teaspoon into your favorite foods everyday. This could be oats, yogurt, cottage cheese, or in drinks like smoothies or coffee.

Cinnamon not only tastes fantastic, it has powerful antioxidant properties – an important anti-aging attribute – and may also help with weight reduction.


The curcumin Indian spice certainly makes it into our anti-aging and anti-wrinkle foods list.

Researchers have found that curcumin, which is present in curry and turmeric and gives them the characteristic yellow color, may have cancer-destroying properties. This is because curcumin has been found to restrict blood vessels within cancerous cells and inhibits movement, which leads to their death.

Use cucurmin by adding one to two tablespoons to your rice, chicken, vegetable, and other dishes.

Cucurmin and other spices are good for anti-wrinkle diets.

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