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Tips to Staying Fit

Faced with another day of donuts, muffins, Danishes and coffee sweeteners?  Can’t find the time to exercise because of work?  Getting and staying fit while working 9-5 doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is a proper plan and the discipline to work your way out.

When you wake up in the morning, chances are you have already thought about the day, planning on what you’ll wear or mentally preparing for the meetings or presentations you’ll give.  If you’re really thinking ahead, you’ve even figured out when you’ll get your fitness workout in. But what happens if you’ve run out of time and the day doesn’t go the way you had planned?  Staying fit with exercise should be the easiest part of your day.

You surely know everything about these fitness rules:  park your car far away from your destination and walk in to work.  Go for stairs rather than elevator.  Say no to sweet and fattening snacks!

Although they are common, please understand that they are time tested. Simply increasing your output of energy throughout your day will help burn calories and keep fat at bay. Yes, take a walk at lunchtime and yes, get yourself to the corporate workout facility. But if you can’t squeeze in a formal workout, find an alternative.

Close office door or just look for a quiet place. The stairwell may be a good choice. Take some time to breathe, tell yourself what you want to get. Take this time to do a little warm up.  If possible, do a few jumping jacks to get your heart rate up and your muscles warm. Reach up high and down to touch your toes 10 times. Circle your arms and shoulders and do a few neck circles to relieve any tension. Do anything to help prepare your body for alternative workout. Then decide on your mini workout.

Move up a few flights of stairs then go down where you began.  Do this for 2 to 3 times. Try doing as many calf raises as you can off the end of a stair. For upper body, try doing as many pushups as you can or carry a simple exercise tool like an exercise band or tube and use them for bicep curls, rows, and lat pull downs. It really doesn’t take a lot of time, space or expensive equipment to add a little exercise into your day.

Sneak in some core work by exchanging your chair for a stability ball. Stability balls, also known as Swiss balls or exercise balls create an unstable surface for you to sit on. Some are made with legs to really sit like a chair and some have a small ring to place the ball in. What they accomplish is a challenge to your sense of balance requiring you to engage your core muscles to stay seated.  So you’re working out while you’re sitting.

Never underestimate the power of the mind to help you to reach your goals.  Try a little mental toughness. In the morning when you’re brushing your teeth, tell yourself how you will behave at work. Literally think yourself into fitness.  Studies show that visualization works to help in successful endeavors and your success here is rated on how well you cope at work.

Professional athletes use visualization to see themselves crossing the finish line or hitting a hole in one. You can use the same kind of mental power to get you through a healthy and fit day.  Tell yourself that today, you will get as much physical activity as possible. Today, you will do at least 10 pushups and 20 jumping jacks. Today, you will say no to the fattening snacks that plague the coffee room. Mentally picture yourself doing these activities and visualize your success.

Healthy workers are productive workers and a little bit of exercise will give you a mental and physical boost for the rest of your day. You may not have the grandest and best workout you’ve ever had, but you will stay on track and more importantly you won’t back pedal. Being at work doesn’t have to spell disaster for your diet and exercise routine. It can be the model for staying fit for the rest of your week – a fit and healthy week.

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