Tips for Diabetics with Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

If there is one commonality between men with diabetes mellitus, it might be erectile dysfunction. Even men who aren’t diabetic begin to have symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) as early as 35 years of age. Men with diabetes mellitus often experience some form of erectile dysfunction due to diabetic neuropathy of the penis. In diabetic neuropathy, in men with erectile dysfunction, the nerves to the penis do not work properly, or there is a problem with the autonomic nervous system. The following tips may help diabetic men have a more satisfying sex life.

Up to 75 percent of diabetic men suffer from ED at some time in their lives. One should not consider erectile dysfunction as a normal part of aging; many times ED is caused by such things as being overweight, smoking, and diabetes that is out of control. It is important that you talk to your doctor about your symptoms of erectile dysfunction, because ED could be a sign of other problems going on in your body that you aren’t even aware of.

It is important to know what causes ED. It could be that your ED is not caused by diabetic neuropath, but you will never know what the cause is unless you are evaluated by your health care facility. The cause of ED could be related to being depressed, or the medications that treat depression. Another cause of ED could be the medications, such as those for high blood pressure. Another possible cause of erectile dysfunction is clogged arteries in your cardiovascular system. Smoking could also be the culprit causing your ED; if you do smoke, you might want to ask your health care practitioner for help in quitting. Erectile dysfunction could point a finger toward any number of underlying causes, which it is vitally important to see your doctor about your inability to maintain an erection.

Your doctor may suggest different ways to treat your erectile dysfunction. One non-invasive way to treat ED is to use a manual penis pump to draw blood into the penis. A penis pump is a cylindrical device that you insert your penis in. You pump the device while it is around the penis, and it helps to draw blood into the penis. When the penis is erect, you will place a ring around the penis to maintain the erection.

There are oral medications you may be able to take, if your doctor feels it is safe for your to do so. Medications, such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra may be helpful to allow you to have a healthy sex life. These drugs act to dilate the blood vessels, which allows for an erection. The drugs are taken at least one hour in advance of sexual activity. Cialis is long acting; it works for up to 36 hours, so if you are a spontaneous kind of guy, this drug might work well for you. These drugs are vasodilators, and they dilate the blood vessels in the entire body, not just the penis, so you may feel some side effects of flushing, rapid heartbeat, headaches, and back pain. Viagra can cause problems with color vision, and there is also a risk of a sudden heart attack, which is why you must have a doctor’s prescription to buy these kinds of drugs. Your doctor should be made aware of a prolonged erection. There is a possibility that your erection could last longer than necessary, which could cause some discomfort. It is important to contact your doctor if you have an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours, because you could suffer injury to the tissue of your penis.

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