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Testimonials: Protech Skin Care

“I just want to say that Protech is awesome! I just returned from the Nuevo Leon Adventure Race in Mexico. We put Protech on every morning at 5 a.m., headed out the door, and raced all day. I put mine on my face and neck and some on my arms (I know it is intended for the face but it works great anywhere). Everyday we were exposed to INTENSE sun, especially the first day when we were on a long exposed bike section. My face didn’t get burned at all! Usually I come back from adventure races  and lose the whole top layer of skin on my face, but my skin is in  great shape and people have told me that my face looks pretty good for  having gone through the gates of hell down there. Thanks Protech!”

Dave Mackey

“I grew up in Arizona being an outdoor athlete, lifeguard, and loving the sun like most Zonies.  I am also fair-skinned and have a history of cancer from both sides of the family.  In addition, I have had heat exhaustion and 2nd degree burns.  So, I am a firm believer in sunscreen.  It’s something I use every day.  I see too many athletes abusing their skin, which they will later regret.  I have now found Protech, the best sunscreen on the market. I use it and the lip balm regularly in all kinds of conditions. It has protected me while training and racing. Protech feels smooth and is not greasy like so many others I have tried.  Being able to use it as a moisturizer is even better. As an endurance athlete with many other obligations, it is a blessing being able to take care of my skin without much hassle.”

Jolene Wilkinson

“I love your sunscreen! I’ve been a sun worshipper my whole life and haven’t found a product that really works for any length of time. Protech definitely works and stays on all day. I do a lot of kayaking on Lake Superior and get the reflection off the water, so it’s important to have a good sunscreen on. Same goes for the reflection off the snow in the winter. I’m truly impressed!”

Mary Jo Jauert, Financial Advisor

“I was first turned on to your product at the Pacific Grove triathlon. I forgot to bring any chapstick, but I found your booth and saw the Protech Lip Balm. I was hesitant to purchase it because it was rather expensive. But I’m really glad I did. I am not a brand loyalty person generally, but I will not buy another brand of lip balm again! I also tried the sun block while I was there absolutely loved it. I have recommended it to others and will continue to purchase that as well. Thanks again for making such a great product. ”

Roy, Sacramento, California

“I am writing to tell you that I am very unhappy with your sunscreen product. I was fortunate enough to be able to take my first vacation in three years this January, with a five-day trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I put Protech on every morning and then lay out all day, reading, hoping that I would be a nice toasty brown and the envy of all my friends upon my return to snowy Denver. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that your product screened the sun so well, with only one morning application, that I do not even have tan lines, and my face is still in the same soft, wrinkle-free, un-sun-damaged condition it was when I left!

I am also having problems with your Protech Lip Balm. Every time I get out a tube, it disappears. My eldest daughter likes it so much that she spirits it out of my purse or workout bag and I am left using …chapstick.”

Tia, Denver, Colorado

“I just returned from a five day backcountry ski trip to Tioga Pass in Yosemite. We had a blast and were met with a huge snow storm with howling winds up to 80-100 miles per hour. I used Protech and the only day that I forgot to put it on was the day I ended up with a little frost bite on my cheek! Every other day – sun, snow, wind, or all three – my face felt comforatble and safe from the elements. You guys have a great product!”

Chi McClean, Events & Promotions, Any Mountain, Ltd.

“As a fair-skinned redhead I really have to protect my skin from the effects of the sun. With Protech my skin hasn’t burned or lost moisture whether I was skiing at high altitudes with wind exposure or having fun in the sun on the beaches and surf of Maui. Protech feels great on your skin, doesn’t leave a greasy feel, and allows me to enjoy my favorite activities while feeling safe in the sun.”

Julie Courtnay, Steamboat Women’s Synchronized Ski Team, United States Ski Association Masters, Ski Instructor

“Just wanted to tell you that we received samples (and my daughter took 2nd place and won a tube) of your product at the Sea Otter Classic. We are mountain bikers and spend lots of time outdoors. Your product is superior to everything else. Thanks for putting a tube in her prize bag so we could try it. We’re hooked.”

Bea O’Hare, Monterey, California

“I think Protech is the best sunscreen on the market and I recommend it to all my friends who don’t already use it. I recently ran the Bighorn 50-miler at altitude in Wyoming. I put Protech on at 3:30 a.m. before the race, did not reapply during the day and did not get sunburned. That’s amazing for someone with my complexion. Talk about defying the elements, Protech is awesome! ”

Lisa Demoney

“I’m a fair-skinned athlete who spends hours each day under the Colorado sun, and sunscreen has always been a crucial item in my gear box.  I’ve been using Protech sunscreen and lip balm religiously over the past year while snowshoe racing, running, cycling, paddling, and adventure racing, and I have yet to experience sunburn or windburn, even in extreme conditions.  From the Explore Sweden expedition adventure race–where we faced days of maximum sun and wind exposure in the far north–to the Nuevo Leon Outdoor Challenge–in which Mexico’s blazing sun humbled a strong international field–my adventure racing teammates and I have relied on Protech to keep us comfortable and inhibit peeling.  Furthermore, the Protech Daypack makes sunscreen available at every moment of an adventure race, and we are able to re-apply at regular intervals for maximum protection.  To put it simply: never have I seen a skincare product that works or feels as good as Protech.  What’s more, my girlfriend has even started to use Protech as her daily facial moisturizer!”

Travis Macy, Professional Athlete, Adventure Racing

“I spend hours in the water, on the bike and out running every day. Preparing for Ironman doesn’t leave me much time to fuss about skincare. Protech protects my face from the sun, doesn’t irritate my skin or run into my eyes. The fact that Protech moisturizes is an added bonus, since I would rather train than worry about my skin.”

Rachel Sears, Professional Athlete, Triathlon

“On 15 expeditions to Everest, seven times to its summit, I’ve tried a long list of sunscreens. None of them were notable and most irritated my skin — until I began using Protech. The developers of Protech asked me to test the product in the spring of 2000 in “normal” extreme conditions and I was immediately impressed. After a great first experience I asked for more Protech to take on a month long trek to Denali, living on a glacier, facing 18 hours of sun exposure a day, high altitudes, severe cold and driving winds and snow. Protech performed! The product is fantastic and it feels great — I use it everyday!”

Pete Athans, Product Development, The North Face, and Professional Mountaineer and Guide

“I have used Protech Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 30+ all season and it is outstanding. I spend most of my time running through exposed countryside and Protech consistently provides maximum protection with minimum hassle. I used it at Western States and Angeles Crest this year and it was perfect. It allows my skin to breathe, doesn’t sting your eyes when you sweat, and it stays on through an entire 100 mile race! Furthermore, it is not sticky or oily like many of the other products out there. I love Protech and wouldn’t think of using anything else.”

Andy Jones-Wilkins, Vasque Ultra Running Team

“Protech works wonders on my fair skin. I first tried it at Western States and while I usually burn at long races I didn’t burn at all! I love the fact that it also moisturizes and I have started using it for more than just running. Protech is simply the best facial sunscreen I’ve used.”

Ethan Veneklasen, Vasque Running Team

“The Protech sunscreen has been absolutely awesome!  I can’t believe how long it works– even through several hours of sweating and travelling through rivers!  It feels great on the skin too.  I put it on in the morning before an all-day adventure race in the blazing heat of the Mexican desert, and didn’t get burned at all!  Now I use it every morning before I head out training or racing.  I have fair skin and have had some bad burns as a child, so a quality sunscreen is really important to me.  Protech works like a moisturizer, and protects my skin from the sun at the same time.  I love it!”

Danelle Ballengee, Adventure Racer of the Year, 2002-2004

“I used Protech Daily Moisturizer SPF 30+ in the Dolomites hiking, during a very HOT summer as well as in the Baltics (Estonia/Lithuania/Latvia) and St. Petersburg, Russia for three weeks. Protech has great absorption and stays on through the sweat and high altitude condition. I LOVED it.  The Daypack is a perfect size and just creamy enough to feel like you have something between you and the sun without feeling like you have a paste on.  Great protection for adventure travelers as well as athletes.”


“I first tried Protech Daily Moisturizer SPF 30+ last year when I noticed that my skin was looking very wind and sun damaged from cycling a lot. Now, I won’t ride without it! It protects my skin from the elements better than any product that I’ve ever used. Buying off your web site was very easy. I will definitely purchase from you again.”

John Vobrak, Newport News, Virginia


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