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Teosyal Fillers

Teosyal is a dermal filler made up entirely from hyaluronic acid, which is a natural part of the human body.  It can be injected using the linear threading injection technique anywhere on the face and is used as a cosmetic enhancer.  Teosyal works by naturally rehydrating, and thus filling, the skin

 “For years I have lived with dark circles under my eyes. After a consultation with Lyren Lotus, I received Teosyal injections.  I love this product! It worked! Plus, it’s all natural, so I did not have to be concerned about putting chemicals into my body!”  -Caroline S. Vancouver, BC

Teosyal and fillers are injections which produce results in volume replacement quickly. The injection is used as a chin filler and cheek filler.  The moisturizer and cosmetic powder are both used in wrinkle reduction; however these work more slowly than the injections.   There are also specific products meant for specific purposes.  The Teosyal Kiss is used for lip enhancement.  Ultra Deep and Ultimate Teosyal are used as fillers.   First Lines, Global Action, Deep Lines, and Touch Up are used for a variety of wrinkle reductions and for the circles under your eyes.  To maintain the younger look received with Teosyal, it is necessary to return for injections every three months.

If you have been considering a lip enhancement, circles under your eyes reduction or wrinkle reduction, our filler products and solutions are safe and effective. Furthermore, all our Teosyal injections and fillers are administered by licensed and trained professionals.

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