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Surprising Natural Rejuvenation Enzyme Enhances Skin Renewal

A natural compound of protein enzymes and complex sugar chains known as glycoconjugates (from glukus the Greek word for sugar) produced by a little creature, with skin made of the same structures human skin is made of (collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans and other molecules), that both protects skin from environmental pollution, oxygen radicals, and UVA radiation and repairs it quickly when damaged surprisingly rejuvenates human skin when applied regularly as a routine skin care regimen.

The enzymes “digest” or dissolve damaged cells without irritating the skin or triggering inflamm-aging as hydroxy acids or physical exfoliation does and without affecting healthy skin cells. The complex biological ingredient triggers a quick skin turnover, hydrates the skin, vanishes imperfections, brown and sun spots and even keloid scars, promotes vascular microcirculation, repairs damaged tissues.

Works for all skin types, including extremely sensitive skin.

What makes this skin care ingredient stand apart and beyond everything else out there?

First, it departs from most products as it in no way claims to substitute Botox or be able to paralyze or relax muscles to yield similar results but promises a blemish free complexion, deep moisturizing from within the skin, protection from free radicals and the effects of UVA radiation and healthier skin when used twice a day as a routine skin care regimen. Results are cumulative and seen over a period of time that depends on how damaged is the skin when you start taking proper care of it.

Creams, lotions, and the like that claim to mimic the immediate and impressive anti-wrinkle effects of BOTOX in any way, shape, or form are just plain BOGUS!

As nice as it would be to get better than cosmetic corrective surgery or Botox-like results without (eek!) painful injections, most of those who have tried the BOTOX wannabes feel they’ve been ripped off. And you may as well be the next if you don’t read this page carefully!

Are you caressing the idea of getting that ‘Antiwrinkle Break-Your-Wallet of the Decade?’ Maybe it is one of those that says it ‘works-like-BOTOX’ and purports to “reduce the overall length, depth, and number of deep expression lines around your eyes, mouth, and forehead, the areas that are in motion whenever you show emotion without irritation, painful injections, or surgery.”

Perhaps it is a better known & old player that entices your mind: “Now, triumph over wrinkles without toxins, lasers, or injections. Estee Lauder Research boldly advances the fight against wrinkles-and now age spots-with our most comprehensive treatment ever.”

Can any cream prevent the use of facial muscles as some people willingly do by shooting a toxin into their face?

Estee Lauder, Revlon, L’Oreal, Klein Becker, and all the big names are trying to sell you BOTOX and RETIN-A wannabes but those are drugs that require a prescription and have structural effects on skin. The rest of the industry sells “cosmetics” that are supposed to only change “the appearance of skin”. Since that is already taken care of by MAKEUP, they jump on the bandwagon by making-up clever concoctions of pharmaceuticals, botanicals, herbs, or plain dangerous chemicals. They add absurd claims and use BOGUS language instead of getting their own EXTREME-MAKEOVER and really doing their own research to find what does work.

Most products carry ingredients that have not undergone scientific research that would prove their benefit. The benefits implied by advertising are nothing more than pseudo-scientific jargon.

Results from Botox injections are so instantaneously impressive, it’s no wonder it has become the most commonly performed cosmetic corrective procedure in the US, and such a recognizable name. Alas, it is also expensive and the thought of being injected with the botulism toxin (that’s what Botox is) leaves some people fearfully furrowing their brows which may explain why so many cosmetics companies are launching non-invasive, topical products claiming to be “better than Botox”.

So is there any cosmetic lotion or cream that can work better than Botox, or is in any way, shape, or form similar to Botox? The short answer is a resounding no!

You can’t affect muscle movement topically. To have that effect on muscles would be problematic for the body, not to mention it would affect muscles you do not want “relaxed”, such as those in your hands or near your mouth. But of course none of that ever stops the cosmetics industry from trying to convince women otherwise. In reality there are no ingredients that can come remotely close to creating the improvement in wrinkles that Botox does.

As nice as it would be to get Botox-like results “without painful injections” it just isn’t possible. (By the way, about those painful injections, I’m not going to pretend Botox injections don’t hurt, but from my experience and that of others I have spoken to, it is more of a mild discomfort than a painful experience.)

Aging gracefully & healthier looking skin

Many people do not care to paralyze their facial muscles as Botox does. They are looking for something that helps to age gracefully and makes their skin look cleaner and feel healthier, not to delay, cover up or numb a few wrinkles away.

Most purported healthy skin care creams work by just plumping up the wrinkles with moisture. This is a quick fix approach that doesn’t really repair your skin. After a few hours the moisture wears off and your skin returns to its previous appearance. The biggest issue is that persistent application of these creams slowly damages the skin.

Other products have been designed to remove the upper layer of old dead skin with acid peels or to exfoliate dull skin with abrasives. Both types of products are sold with advertising that claims that their creams stimulate a reaction of the skin whereby it grows new skin, tightens or firms sagging skin, or reduces imperfections and blemishes.

The sad part they do not tell you is a) those procedures and chemicals can also make your skin thicker and rough with recurring application and b) they contribute to chronic inflammation (inflamm-aging) of tissues, which is in many ways not only detrimental to your skin’s appearance but to your overall health.

Too many bogus companies are taking lots of money off people under false pretenses

After all the nonsense you know so many people pay for, you are probably not ready to buy any of those clever concoctions whether it be botanical, herbal, harmaceutical, or the new fussy ‘cosmeceutical’ category, are you not?

No doubt you have to do your own research before handing over your credit card at the cosmetics counter.

The sad news is you will find out that there are too many promising products. With these finding you can only ponder if they have any truth behind them. Is there really a chance they will prevent the signs of photo-aging and the wrinkles left behind by all the laughter you have enjoyed during those times that you may now be willing to believe were the best years of your life? Is this the best product for me?

So, hold this in the back of your mind when searching for what can reasonably be achieved with a product you dab on your skin and look in Internet for products that contain this new biological skin care ingredient.

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