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Your Sunless Tanning Guide

Are you looking forward for a flawless tanned skin like you just came from the beach but you don’t have the time to lay out outside? There is no need to get frustrated since it could now be done even if you are inside your premises. This sunless tanning guide will help you.

One of the reasons why sunless tanning is a popular topic today is because a lot of research shows that there is increasing number of people diagnosed with skin cancer for the past 30 years. If you go out under the sun just to get a tanned skin, it could put you at risk. If there are many who aim to whiten their skin, there are also an equal number of people who wants a tan skin.

For people aiming of a golden glow in their body, using cosmetic bronzers is a big help. This product only offers a temporary tanned look for consumers for it will be washed off in time. There are bronzers that contain protection from the sun while others do not. Make sure you read the label and instructions of the product you bought to know if you need to apply sunscreen or not. It would be ideal to consider a product that has an SPF label.

Types of Cosmetic Bronzers

Bronzing Powder – This bronzer is applied all over the face. See to it that it is applied evenly for a better look. Use a fluffy brush in applying the product. To have some emphasis, try to apply more on your cheek bones and temples.

Bronzing Gel – This option is best for those with dry skin but it is quite a challenge to apply. It would be easier if you simply use your finger to apply the gel. Make sure that you follow the right amount of gel to be applied on your skin as per instruction to get the results you wanted.

Spray Bronzer – This is one of the easiest ways to get a tan look with a little effort on your part. Use this product right after you have put on your make up. It will make the effect glowing and natural looking. The trick here is to spray on areas on your face where the sun naturally shines.

Stick Bronzer – To get the tan look you wanted, you simply have to apply this bronzer on areas on your face that is mostly hit by sunlight. If you don’t want to get your fingers tinted with the bronze color, use a tissue in applying it. See to it that you don’t touch your face when you wear this for it could get to other objects.

Self-Tanners – If ever you aim to get a longer tanning effect, using self-tanners could do it. These products are rich in dihydroxyacetone which is used as a skin coloring agent. You don’t have to worry about the use of this product for it is approved by FDA. Be sure that when you use this product, it does not get into your nose, eyes and mouth. This option could surely offer you with a long lasting tan color on your skin but you need to wait for about 24 hours to see full results. The bronze color will peel off together with the peeling of dead cells which could be in a couple of days. It is very important that this product is used property to get the results you want. See to it that you exfoliate first then apply it evenly and lightly.

Hopefully, this sunless tanning guide has provided you with some useful information. Be sure that when you choose certain brands of product, go for one that is highly trusted by a lot of people already the same as choosing a reliable bleaching product. With this, you could be sure of your safety and better results.

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