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Exfoliating your skin will remove the dead skin cells that get blocked in the pores. These dead cells can often fool people into believing that their skin is dry and will give a dry appearance if they aren’t removed.

Once the skin has been exfoliated and a good moisturizer applied the complexion will look alive and give the skin a refreshed look that will help you to look younger.

Finding the correct exfoliating products and moisturizers can take some time until you find ones that are compatible with your skin type.

Get advice from people who understand the various requirements of the different skin types and then test small samples of these products to see how they react with your skin. If you have sensitive skin then you will need to be particularly careful with the products that you choose.

Once you find products that are suitable and use them on a daily basis you will find that the condition of your skin can improve quite considerably and this will make you look healthier and younger.

Resurfacing and Face Peels

Skin care specialists can reduce discoloration and other aging signs using resurfacing lasers to remove the outer layer of the skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles can be diminished or removed entirely.  Even scars can be faded until hardly noticeable and concealed with a light foundation.

Beyond the improvement in skin colors and marks, laser resurfacing also has a further effect, which is to tighten the skin.  This tightening yields the effect of a mild face lift, which provides a more youthful looking appearance.

The skin tightening benefit normally lasts several months after the initial laser resurfacing treatment.  However, our bodies are all different so each individual responds somewhat differently to the laser resurfacing – with some deriving more benefit than others.

A further significant benefit is that the laser also stimulates the growth of new collagen. The new collagen supports the skin, naturally holding it tighter and younger looking.

Different skin tones require their own specific techniques, so laser therapy is best administered by a qualified dermatologist.

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