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What are Spots and How to Get Rid of Them

Spots are the terms used for acne, blackheads, whiteheads, scars or sun-burn on the skin. Acne or spots grow due to the blockage of pores of the skin. There are sebaceous glands on each hair follicle on the skin that keep skin waterproof by secreting lipid oil. In the adolescent age usually they over-work and produce oil more than required. Dirt and dust stick over it and cause to grow white and black heads which afterwards grow into acne and pimples. This over production of oil is controlled by dermatological treatments. Sometimes continuous open contact of skin with sun light also causes skin to blaze and skin blackens.

There are a number of ways to if you are searching for how to get rid of spots of any type. First thing that is necessary is the will to get rid of the scars and the individual has to be consistent otherwise no acne treatments can show its effectiveness.

The skin needs to be kept clean all the time. It can be done by just rinsing the skin off and on the whole day. It needs approximately 8-10 times water rinse a day so that any dust or dirt may not accumulate on the skin that would react with skin oil to make black or white heads. If even then they grow, it needs regular exfoliating. They don’t need to be squeezed off to peel out, in such practice one can get scars that usually last for 2-3 weeks to disappear. Medicated face wash or the one suitable for skin and oil free can be used. Such face wash containing salicylic acid helps in controlling oil of face.

Acne problem is usually with the people of oily skin they should have regular facial treatment either by themselves or by any good parlor. This facial treatment should be gapped with at least 15 days. After such treatment the skin gets free of black and white heads and skin becomes soft and smooth.

Some people think that more they will rub, wipe and iron wool the skin, the skin will be cleaner, but it does not occur because by doing so they damage the skin cells and sebaceous glands causing more and darker spots. For this purpose they should use soft cloth gently by not spreading oil or bacteria on the other parts of the skin. One should have three towels, one for the body, one for the regular hygiene and the rest one for the face. Use clean and separate cloth or towel.

Skin also needs breath and excess oil production blocks the process that causes the skin to start decay. Oil from the hairs is also source of acne because it comes down the skin. So hairs should be shampooed. It is in regular observation that wearing tight clothing is also the reason of making out oil from the body so looser dressing should be adopted.

Diet schedule and plan is the main factor that disturbs the hormonal exercise. Spicy, junk, caffeine added food or drink; food containing excess carbohydrates, fries upset the digestive system and affects the skin. Skipping one time meal specially breakfast, lack of water intake and hence constipation are the root causes of acne and scars. Taking healthy balanced diet regularly ones habit with 14-16 glasses of water daily can keep the stomach set and so healthy and fresh skin. Bath after taking exercise extracts out waste material from the body through sweating and keeps the body and skin healthy.

Oil-based makeup, moisturizers, sunscreens, cleansers, and other beauty products also cause to increase oil level onto the skin. These need cleansing immediately after removing from the skin.

In worse conditions, medical treatment should be consulted and should follow the recommendations by the specialists. They prescribe some antibiotics and creams to apply on the skin. It results in clear and smoother skin within 6-8 months with regular treatment. Some mechanical and light treatments also help in making skin smoother and healthier. Dermabrassion, intensed pulsed light (IPL) Photo rejuvenation, KTP laser, diode laser, CO2 laser and Nd:YAG laser are the types of treatments that are recommended according to the skin types and the stage of spots and scars. The results of such treatments are long-lasting.

Spots are the impressions on the skin that may affect personality, confidence, health and social relations of a person. They need to be removed as early as possible. Sometimes pharmaceutical treatments with drugs and medicines can reduce and vanish spots. But when the situation worsens laser and other mechanical treatments with some regular precautions and practices can aid the individual to regain the health and quality of skin.

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