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Spirulina Weight Loss Made Easy

Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae. Spirulina is not a brand but rather the scientific name for this organism. Blue-green algae are actually more closely related to bacteria than they are to true algae but they do photosynthesize like plants.

Why Take Spirulina for Weight Loss

Most weight loss techniques make dieters feel so hungry they end up cheating and/or feeling miserable all the time. However, Spirulina has the exact opposite effect. It makes you feel full almost immediately after consuming it and it leaves you satiated for a long time. Further, it helps the body become more efficient at burning fat so you end up losing weight while feeling fuller at the same time. Spirulina is 60-70 percent protein in dry weight, much higher than any type of meat of seafood. Moreover, the protein in Spirulina is a complete protein as it contains all eight essential amino acids. Calorie for calorie, Spirulina has even more protein. While beef has a whopping 65 calories per gram of protein, one gram of Spirulina protein will only cost you about 4 calories! Therefore, Spirulina will help you build muscle mass without having to take on as many calories as they would from meat. More lean muscle mass means you will lose weight faster and more efficiently.

What Is the Best Form of Spirulina to Take When Dieting

Spirulina can be bought in power form, tablet form, or capsule form. The advantage of taking the powder, instead of capsules, for weight loss is it absorbs into the body almost immediately. This means it will curb your appetite almost immediately. Many dieters take Spirulina powder just before a meal so they don’t eat so much. However, the powder form is really messy. It is fine dark blue-green dust that will inevitably get on your clothes and countertops and stain them. It also notoriously sticks to the side of a glass if you try to mix it into water. Many people can’t stand the taste of the powder either. Of course, you can disguise the taste in a smoothie but this often defeats the purpose if you are dieting, because to make it palatable, you almost have to put it in fruit juice or add sugar. Since fruit juice adds a lot of calories and often leads to spikes in your blood sugar, this is probably not a good idea if you are seriously dieting. Some people buy capsules and fill them with Spirulina powder so they can just swallow them fast without tasting them. However, the capsules significantly slow down the absorption rate. Considering all of the factors above, the best form of Spirulina for weight loss seems to be cold pressed tablets. These absorb in less than an hour and are very easy to swallow without tasting it too much and they aren’t terribly messy.

What Type of Spirulina Should You Buy

Unfortunately, some Spirulina manufacturers add fillers and other questionable ingredients. This can make you over-estimate how much Spirulina you are actually taking. Contaminants can also be an issue with some brands. Thors Hammer’s Spirulina tablets are always highly recommended. This is a well-trusted brand known for sure to not contain any fillers. These tablets are cold pressed. Some Spirulina tablets are processed using heat which destroys some of their nutritional value and effectiveness in weight loss. Thors Hammer is also organic which makes it contaminant free.

How Much Spirulina Should You Take

When you first start taking Spirulina, you should start out slow. This is because Spirulina is a very powerful body detoxifier. While this is another health advantage and will help you lose weight, if you haven’t detoxed in a while (or ever), it can temporarily make you feel sluggish and/or sick as the toxins leach out of your body. Therefore, you’ll want to give your body a chance to ease into the detoxification process. If you purchase 250mg tablets, it is recommended you start by taking six per day for the first two weeks. It is best to spread these out through the day. You can take two in the morning when you first get up, two before lunch, and two before dinner. After two weeks, you should be okay to take up to twenty 250mg tablets per day, again spread throughout the day.

Advantages of Taking Spirulina over Other Weight Loss Methods

Spirulina is completely safe, unlike many “diet pills” that contain caffeine and other chemicals that can be very harmful. Spirulina is not going to make your heart race and send you to the emergency room. It only takes a minute to take Spirulina tablets so it is really easy to stay on track. You can even take them with you in your purse, satchel, or computer bag.

Many weight loss methods are cumbersome and/or time consuming so they are hard to fit into a busy lifestyle. Spirulina is one of the most nutrient dense foods on Earth. We’ve already talked about its very high protein content but it’s also a micronutrient superstar! It is loaded with a wider variety of antioxidants than any other food source. It contains all the vitamins in copious quantities. It also contains high quantities of chlorophyll, a molecule very similar to hemoglobin except it has a magnesium atom instead of an iron atom in the center. This means Spirulina will help you prevent anemia, a common problem in people who are overweight and have metabolic issues such as type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Magnesium also aids insulin in getting glucose into cells and thus lowers blood sugar, another way it helps you lose weight. Spirulina is easy to combine with any other weight loss techniques you are using. Further, it will give you a lot of extra energy for exercising. Finally, Spirulina acts as a natural mood elevator which can help you stay positive about your weight loss goals. Many other weight loss methods leave one feeling deflated or depressed which makes it tough to stick with it.

In conclusion, as you can see from the information above, it would not be a far stretch to call Spirulina a “miracle” weight loss method. Perhaps more importantly, it is a very effective weight loss method that is also very easy to do. In other words, you will have a very high return on investment. Any serious dieter should, at minimum, add Spirulina to their arsenal. However, Spirulina can also take center stage in any weight loss plan.

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