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Sleep Makes Lose Weight Diets More Effective

For those who want to control their eating habits in order for them to follow a certain lose weight diets, it is also good to eat with someone rather than alone, and this also goes for those who would want to increase their weight and maintain their diet, because of the fact that there is someone who can remind us that either we are full of it or we are poorly eating, those significant others will serve as our reality reflectors to signal us and keep our awareness to what we are doing and what we should do.

If you want to maintain your regimen of lose weight diets then this is a good tip for you, don’t eat alone!

We eat, for some of us 2 times a day, for others 3 times a day and there are also those who eat at least 5 times a day. In no time we may acquire a large amount of stored energy in our bodies making it a bulk of fat in our bellies, hip, thigh and in every parts of our body.

Then we eventually realize that we need or want to get rid of these extra energy we acquired so we look for ways and follow certain lose weight diets, we may have found ways to it through the help of exercise, and other strenuous activities, and also we could simply follow the lose weight diets through the help of sold products like slimming pills, tea and others, as a means of controlling our habits of eating just to lose the weight we have gained through time. There are a lot of ways actually, but is there really any way to lose weight in no time at all?

The fact that our technology is fast advancing, many have developed this methods of making it so easy to lose weight. One method I’ve heard is the cosmetic surgery commonly known as liposuction, they say it’s a fast way to lose the unwanted weight, but can all of us avail that kind of treatment? Perhaps not, It is said that it’ll cost you a lot of money and in addition to that, you will go on certain lose weight diets plan to maintain the figure you acquired after the surgery. You might lose weight in no time but still you must maintain it.

But is there really a true way to lose weight in no time by using only lose weight diets and not spending so much cash? To answer this would mean to do a research in all forms of lose weight diets and other forms of it, and that’s what I am sharing with you, that there is no way to lose weight in no time, losing weight would mean a great deal of time, patience, determination, devotion, discipline and a fool proof lose weight diets plan.

It was a sunny afternoon as I was sitting in my chair sipping a glass of lemon tea reading a newspaper, hoping I could stumble on ways to help my regimen of lose weight diets plan, and there it was, a small article in that newspaper that caught my attention, it was titled “Lose Weight by Sleeping Well”, wouldn’t it caught your attention too? To further investigate about this I decided to talk with friends about what I found out.

One of my friends confides “whenever he is able to sleep at least 6 hours every night, his mornings are awesome, that he likes to eat but not too much, and his body feels like rejuvenated and lively”, but in contrast to that he said, “that whenever he lacks sleep (3 to 4 hours of sleep at night) when he wakes up in the morning he feels tired and he has this immense craving for food that he would devour the food not knowing how much he has eaten”.

To justify his experience I did some research and found out that sleep really affects us in a way that if we want to retain our lose weight diets plan we need to have a good sleep every night, and furthermore Although regular exercise and a healthy diet are very important, there is a growing evidence that sleep is a powerful regulator of appetite, energy use, and weight control.

So to go through our good lose weight diets regimen, we need to do regular exercises, eat the right food and have a good night sleep to balance everything. Actually I did try this also for myself, just to prove to myself that what I am about to share with you is true.

One night I planned to sleep at 8pm, but to no avail I wasn’t able to carry it out due to the fact that I am a night owl and I often like to work at nights. That failed attempt lead me to conclude that what I found out was temporarily at 50% truth, because I slept that night around 2am and I woke up the next day around 6am, I felt as usual (terrible) I prepared myself for breakfast and I ate, and in that moment I realized the awareness that I was craving for more food, I was kind of tired and my body is compensating for more energy to satisfy the tired feeling that I had through increase consumption of food.

The next day I forced myself to do my original plan, to sleep early, I slept from 10pm and woke up 6am the next morning, and to my surprise, I feel good, I then prepared for breakfast, I eat good and I noticed that I did not have the same cravings for more food compared to the past mornings that I had.

Thus I concluded that enough sleep at night really helps us regulate our bodies especially if we want to uphold our regimen on lose weight diets.

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