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Skin Care Regimen That Makes You Look Years Younger

At 55, Ellen DeGeneres is looking better than ever. She looks even more radiant and youthful than she did when she was years younger! Many have tried to discover her secret: is it botox, face lifts, or just good lighting? The truth is much simpler (and cheaper!) than that, but she is legally obligated to keep it under wraps due to her relationship with CoverGirl and promoting their “Simply Ageless” makeup line.

Though she does have a contract with CoverGirl and can use all the products she wants, it isn’t their makeup that’s causing her to look almost half her age. After many years of investigating, our sources finally uncover the truth about Ellen Degeneres’ anti-aging secret – and celebrities from around the world have secretly been using it too.

“Dr. Oz Calls It – The Miracle Anti-Aging Breakthrough – Because It Works!” Alice Kennedy, a mother of three from California is a big believer in Dr. Oz’s Anti-Aging trick. Before trying this simple trick she admits that she used to spend almost an hour everyday on a skin treatment ritual that consisted of over 6 different products with less than stellar results. She eventually got so frustrated she considered taking out a substantial loan for Botox treatments and even contemplated a very risky and expensive facelift. But the high cost (ranging from $200 to $1000) and the horror stories of unfixable botched procedures convinced her that cosmetic treatments were not the solution. She desperately wanted to find a solution that could help with her damaged and aging skin but didn’t know where to turn until she saw exactly what she was looking for on The Dr. Oz Show.

What she discovered from The Dr. Oz Show was a revolutionary product line from Joven Skin Care With Sereno – Eye Revitalizing Creme, the results were noticeably better than what you’d find at Medi-Spas for $200 or more. In less than 30 days, Alice was able to see dramatic results in all her problem areas by simply using Joven Skin Care products.

joven-skin-careAlice is one of hundreds of women that shared the same incredible story. The Joven Skin Care products removed virtually 90% of all her wrinkles in problem areas. They also tightened her neck and face instantly, removing all signs of sagging, aging and dehydrated skin. Alice was able to see these dramatic anti-aging results and astonished friends, family and even complete strangers.

Alice discovered that the secret to cell revival and skin cell rejuvenation are three key ingredients:

  • Ubiquinone (Q10)
  • Tripeptide Collagen Protection
  • NEW! Plant based – Sereno – Eye Revitalizing Creme.

These are all-natural ingredients that work together to erase wrinkles and fine lines at the cellular level. As these ingredients affect what lies directly below the surface of the skin, the effectiveness of these products are significantly enhanced. All three ingredients work together to lift off layers of dead or dying skin, and once this top layer of skin is removed, the ingredients help stimulate the formation of new and undamaged skin. While doing her own research Alice was pleasantly surprised to discover that celebrities from all over the world such as Jennifer Aniston, Carmen Dell’Orefice and Diane Lane, just to name a few, have been using Joven Skin Care products for years. ” My celebrity clients have been raving about Joven Skin Care and Sereno – Eye Revitalizing Creme. They confess it’s the secret to their youthful skin. “- Dr. Jonathan Powers

Dr. Jonathan Powers, a prominent dermatologist based out of Beverly Hills, California revealed to us that Joven Skin Care products were the celebrity secret to youthful skin because they contain the purest and most powerful forms of Ubiquinone (Q10), Tripeptide Collagen Protection and Sereno – Eye Revitalizing Creme. They also contain powerful anti-oxidants, skin regenerating agents, and moisturizing agents. Best of all, the products are all-natural and perfectly safe with no side effects for any type of skin.

“What Ubiquinone (Q10), Tripeptide Collagen Protection and Sereno – Eye Revitalizing Creme do is get rid of all the old dead layers of skin and help your skin generate fresh new ones. Our tests show that you can erase almost 20 to 30 years off your face in less than 30 days.” – Dr. Oz

The trick is in the Joven Skin Care formulation. The products contain high concentrations of pure Ubiquinone (Q10), Tripeptide Collagen Protection and Sereno – Eye Revitalizing Creme in just the right balance. The detailed yet easy to follow instructions are very important, as they can create a substantial difference in the results. You apply a light coat of Joven Skin Care in the morning, after washing and drying your face, followed by one dose of Sereno – Eye Revitalizing Creme before bed time. I saw results almost overnight, but after about 30 days, the results were literally shocking. I looked like myself 20 years ago! – Alice Day 1

The first day using Joven Skin Care and Sereno – Eye Revitalizing Creme together, I was surprised at how wonderful the products made my skin feel.

It felt like every last pore on my face was being tightened and pulled by a gigantic vacuum cleaner. I don’t know how else to describe it. I could feel a deep, warm, tingly sensation on my cheeks, around my eyes, and my forehead. I looked in the mirror and saw a rosy-tinged hue. A radiant, glowing hue that was the result of nourishing blood rushing to the surface of my skin. And these marvelous “sensations” lasted for hours.

By Day 7

After seven days of using Joven Skin Care and Sereno – Eye Revitalizing Creme together, I was shocked at the drastic results.  The lines, the pores, and the wrinkles – without question – were visibly reduced in size right before my eyes!

I was astonished by the results, and I literally felt 20 years younger again. I felt as though I was watching all my wrinkles and lines vanish!

By Day 14

sereno-anti-aging-creamAfter 14 days, all my doubts and skepticism absolutely vanished – AND SO DID MY WRINKLES YAYYYY!!

The lines on my forehead, the loose skin on my neck, even the age spots on my face looked so much less noticeable and disappeared. I’ve never felt and seen anything tighten my skin with this kind of force.

After 30 days, my skin not only stayed that way, it actually got better and better looking each day until it got as beautiful and flawless as it was 20 years ago.  At this point, my friends and family were shocked. They couldn’t believe the difference. Will This Work For You?

There are plenty of gimmicks out there and most of them are ridiculously expensive. With so many options it’s only natural for you to be skeptical about the results and so I “Challenge you” to conduct your own studies. After you have done your own research on this please leave your comments below and share your success story like Alice did. Document the progression and prove to the world that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to LOOK AND FEEL GREAT.

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