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Skin Care Ingredients Men Should Watch Out For

We might look at the ingredients list on the back of many food products we buy but, how often do you look at what’s inside your favorite skin care products? Some of it doesn’t make good reading. That’s because a great deal of them, including even some of the most expensive brands have substances inside them which don’t necessarily do a lot for the health of your skin, and could impact on your general well being too. These are such things as fragrances and parabens.

Fragrances are chemicals used by the industry extensively but don’t really count as being one of the so called active ingredients in a product, designed to help in a specific way, like in treating wrinkles. Sure, it might make us feel like we’re using something good if it has a nice smell, but how can we be sure it’s also not trying to mask an inferior product. One further point to mention is that they could also be potential allergens in those who have sensitive skin.

In the case of chemicals known as parabens, skin care products makers use them as a low cost and easily available preservative. That may be fine until you start reading some studies that have suggested links to serious health effects like some cancers, and rises in estrogen levels.

What we need to find are producers who make it a priority to use such ingredients as vegetable based silicones and waxes, vitamins, antioxidants and natural moisturizing oils. Much safer and more effective.

Men’s Skin care Products

As more men jump onto the beauty bandwagon we’ve seen a significant growth in the number of products available. But what should we be looking out for to ensure the best men’s skin care? Let’s face it, when we opt to buy a certain skin care product we’re putting our trust in that producer to do what it describes on its label, be that making your skin look younger or offering some facial treatment. Whatever it is, the end result is sometimes worth it, or sadly for many it’s not what they had hoped for.

For the sake of this article we’ll examine briefly what ingredients should not go into the best men’s skin care products, chiefly harmful chemicals, fragrances and something called parabens.

One particular chemical that’s used widely by the skincare industry is glycerine, and most use a petroleum based one rather than a plant based one as it’s cheaper. The latter choice is the safest one as far as the health benefits for you skin are concerned, so avoid products that don’t include it.

The next is fragrances. No one can deny we’d like to smell nice when we apply these products to our skin, but medical opinion is telling us that these are often chemicals that have a definite downside, in that they can cause allergens in users with sensitive skin. Too often they’re also used to make an inferior product seem better. So lastly, what are parabens and why are they a bad idea?

Well, they’re a group of chemicals used by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as preservatives. Again it’s their cheap availability and widespread use which makes them appear in even some of the most expensive brands. Some alarming studies have linked these to possibly causing certain cancers, which should cause anyone one to give them a wide berth.  If you’re like me, and now aware of some basic facts like above, the choice is much clearer. The best men’s skin care product makers should have the health of your skin as their prime concern.

Skincare for men has come a long way as more men are seeing the benefit their skin receives from using creams and treatments. However, there are some ingredients in these products that are best avoided.

This article will look at just a few of these harmful chemicals in products we consume like fragrances, parabens and glycerine. We’ll see why there are better and safer alternatives that still represent good value, and remain effective at improving the health of your skin.

You may be wondering why the big fuss about fragrances, but these chemicals are often used to make a cheaply made product appear much better. They can also be the cause of allergens in people with sensitive skins. We should be looking for brands that put the onus on creating the most effective skin care for men possible.

Parabens are next on our avoidance list. The pharmaceutical and skincare makers use these chemicals as a preservative, for the very simple reason of cheapness and ready availability. The downside health-wise is that they’ve been linked to rises in estrogen levels, hardly what we’re after.

When we move on to chemical called glycerine, there’s a safer alternative to the petroleum based type, plant based ones are better. This substance is used as a humectant in skincare, added to a product to keep it moist.

Be wary of even expensive brands as I recall reading about one which used a certain ingredient that on closer inspection turned out to be a chemical used in a pesticide. Would you like that on your skin? Don’t think so.

So, you can see there are better, alternative products when we talk about skin care for men. The better producers don’t cut corners; have your skins’ health at heart and not their own bottom line.

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